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Can a single cable modem that has one outlet for USB and one for Ethernet be connected to two computers?

No you will have to use one or the other. In order to use more devices you will have to install a router to your modem. Answer It depends on the modem, some will let you (MORE)
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If you have a desktop computer hooked up through wireless internet would you be able to hook your xbox360 up through the ethernet hookup and be able to get internet on your xbox?

you need to turn on connection sharing and bridge the two connections from the network settings in your computer, then use a crossover cable from computer to xbox, but the (MORE)
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How do you hook up Ethernet cables?

First, make sure it is actually an Ethernet cord, since Phone Lines and Ethernet cords are commonly confused with each other. But if you know its an Ethernet cord, look for a (MORE)
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How do you hook up your fax machine to your computer if the fax machine only has a phone jack and an Ethernet jack?

Most computers still come with a phone jack expansion in one of the PCI slots, try plugging it into that, and ethernet cable into the onboard ethernet adapter. I dont use fax (MORE)
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How do you hook up to PS3 internet without Ethernet cable?

The PS3 can only be connected to the internet 2 ways. One is a Wired Connection with an ethernet cable and the other is with a WiFi signal from a broadband DSL or Cable modem. (MORE)
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Can i use my laptop internal modem instead of a dsl or cable modem to hook up to linksys router ethernet cable so i could get online for your PS3 and laptop?

Sorry you can not. The laptops internal modem is mostly a PSTN device. This means it can only be used by phone lines. ADSL and Cable modems work in a different way. If you (MORE)
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Do you have to pay extra to hook up an Ethernet cord to your ps3?

Yes you have to pay if you are going to have someone do it. I really don't know your facts and whether you already have broadband cable or DSL or are paying for them to come o (MORE)
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What is necessary if you want your Ethernet network to connect to the Internet through a DSL or cable modem?

At least you will need a router even if you have a modem. If you get the router from your provider, all the configuration may be done automatically. If not, it may be poss (MORE)
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How can you get internet on your ps3 if you only have one Ethernet cable?

Buy another cable they are cheap. You can always plug in the PS3 and unplug whatever was and switch back and forth like you would if you needed to purchase a router. That does (MORE)
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How to set up broadband with only one Ethernet on laptop?

You only need one ethernet connection on the laptop for DSL. If you need to connect to other computers on an ethernet network then you can buy a 4 or 8 port Wireless/Lan rou (MORE)
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Do you need Ethernet cable for wireless internet tv?

If it is wireless, then a wire should not be necessary. Otherwise, if the wireless does not work, use a Ethernet cable if it is not too much hassle, or contact the provider.
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What is needed to connect Ethernet and internet through a DSL or cable modem?

First you must have an internet service provider and it then depends on what equipment they have provided. An ethernet cable will connect to a modem or a router and go to the (MORE)