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What are Clay shooting tips?

To become a best clay shooter you have must beconscious and mentally prepared for the competition. Hypnosis is atechnique which helps you to achieve your peak performance in c (MORE)
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2002 Trailblazer radio problem. Sound is very very faint with the volume all the way up. Bass and Treble are set correctly. Is there an amp in the vehicle Any wiring diagrams or suggestions Thanks?

My 2002 trailerblazer has this same problem i was told by a car audio store owner that these models have individual amps on each speaker and when one goes out all of them do e (MORE)
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Things to use as targets while shooting?

It depends on what you're shooting. Rifles: some people shoot cardboard silhouettes or targets you can get at any gun shop and even places like Wal-Mart or Dicks Sporting Go (MORE)
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I am looking for an old very good hammerless single shot shotgun does anyone know who used to make the Hammerless shotgun and where they worth much?

Single shot hammerless is not as common as the one with hammers. Allmost all larger makers have had one or two on their list, price and quality goes hand in hand. If you find (MORE)
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How do you set aperture on Nikon D300?

I don't know the D300, but similar Nikon DSLRs have a secondary control dial on the front, not far below the shutter button.
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Did Barney almost shoot a kid on set?

the dinosaur?. umm i don't think that would be good for the ratings, unless it was like Hostel 4: On set with Barney :P. well actulaly hell yeah
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What causes Dull pain in shoulder that shoots sharp pains into all finger tips?

If it is coming all the way from around the shoulders there is a chance that you have some sort ofinflammation or cartilage damage around the neck. It would be best to see a d (MORE)
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When was it made how much is it worth Browning 16 GA serial 116103 3 shot very very good condition shoots 2 916 shells?

The 3 shot model sometimes increases the collector interest and value, while pre-war guns chmbered for 2 9/16ths decrease interest.. Value is too difficult to be accurate wit (MORE)
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How do you use the self timer on a Nikon D3000?

Well your question wasn't specific so I'll tell you how to set it up along with using it. To set it up, press the menu button on the left hand side of the camera. Go do (MORE)
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Is the Nikon D3000 good at taking equine photography action shots?

The Nikon D3000 has 10.1 megpixel resolution, and can be a good entry level choice for equine action photography. Nikon's Nikkor lens quality is excellent, the camera features (MORE)