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What is ICQ?

ICQ is an instant messaging computer program, owned by Time Warner's AOL subsidiary. ICQ was first developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis. The first version of the program ( Full Answer )
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Why did ICQ fall out of favor?

i used to like icq as a way to make new friends but now this option seems to have gone. i used to switch on and get sometimes too many new contacts but now none at all. now i ( Full Answer )
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What does ICQ stand for?

Internet Chat Quotes. Hope this helped somehow. While the above is true - I'd like to add that the "ICQ" is a "play" on the phrase "I seek You" if said aloud.
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Jeff hardy have icq?

Jeff hardy??from wwe?? no,but he does have msn and orkut No he doesn't have any of those.
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What dose icq stand for?

ICQ is not a typical abbreviation. The letters ICQ actually represent the words "I seek you". As you can see, there is no C or Q in the meaning.
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What does ICQ number mean?

ICQ was the original internet chat client - way before MSN or any of the others. It was the first to tell you if your friends were online. Instead of forcing people to creat ( Full Answer )
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What is Dylan Sprouses icq number?

i would say that he don't want to give some fans his icq number. it's to private
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What is the full meaning of ICQ?

In case ICQ is well known Internet Messenger then it stands for "I seek you".
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What does icq mean on a blackberry cell phone?

ICQ is an Instant Messaging program supported on Blackberry phones. ICQ is owned by AOL and was developed by an Israeli company.
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What was ICQ as related to instant messaging?

ICQ (A cute acronym of "I Seek You") is still around. ICQ could be compared to MSN Instant Messanger or Yahoo Instant Messenger. The main difference is what "network" of insta ( Full Answer )
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Did Michael Jackson have ICQ?

Why would it matter if he did? He's dead now anyway so it's not like you can talk to him on it.
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How many ICQ chat rooms are available?

While there are over 100,000,000 ICQ accounts. However, since the chat rooms are not created by users but rather organized centrally, there are only between 100 and 1000 chat ( Full Answer )
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What are the features of ICQ 6?

ICQ is an instant messaging computer program. The program was developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis in the year 1996. ICQ 6 is a later version of the program, this versio ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in ICQ - 2001?

The cast of ICQ - 2001 includes: Deepak Chopra as Heavy Kate Denborough as Girl Craig Eagle as Man at station Samuel Johnson as Eric Sarah Peron as Cheerleader Aaron Sterns as ( Full Answer )