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What is IKEA?

Ikea is a company based in Sweden that makes affordable furniture and home decor items. They are mostly known for their modern and contemporary designs, but they sell traditi ( Full Answer )
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Is there a non-IKEA Microwave that fits IKEA faktum cabinet?

I am just about to Reno our kitchen & have measured our 8 year old microwave (it's a whirlpool) & it fits perfectly.... was at ikea Adelaide the other day & they had a kitchen ( Full Answer )
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What is Ikea advantages?

One advantage of Ikea is that it is a wholesale store, which meansthey have cheaper prices. You can also visit the store and take thefurniture home immediately, unlike other f ( Full Answer )
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Were is IKEA based?

It was started by in Sweden and is currently owned by a Duch registered firm owned by the Kamprad family.
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How much does IKEA pay?

The salary or hourly rate at IKEA depends on your position. Salesassociates and cashiers, on average, earn between 9 to 10 dollarsper hour. Salaried sales managers average aro ( Full Answer )
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Where are there IKEAs?

Their are Ikeas in many countries. Why not go onto their website? They probably have a list or something.
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What does IKEA stand for?

IKEA is an acronym that stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd, which is the name and location of the founder of IKEA. Ingvar Kamprad is the founder's name, Elmtaryd ( Full Answer )
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Where is IKEA based?

Currently, the company is owned by a Dutch-registered foundation controlled by the Kamprad family with their headquarters located in Delft, Netherlands.
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Ikea in Barrie?

There are currently no IKEA stores located in Barrie, Ontario,Canada. The closest one is located at 1065 Plains Road in EastBurlington, Ontario.
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Who made IKEA?

The person who founded IKEA was Ingvar Kamprad. The store is one ofthe largest furniture stores in the United States.
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Where is IKEA in barrie?

There is no Ikea in Barrie I'm afriad. The closest Ikea is in Toronto close near Wonderland.
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What is IKEA aim?

Their aim is to try and make a better life at home for people who purchase their products. And to provide them with functional furnishings at the lowest prices so as many peo ( Full Answer )
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Is there an IKEA in oshawa?

No there is not however I would not be surprised if Ikea planned to build a store in Oshawa due to the high population.
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Who is the leader of IKEA?

As of 2014, the current CEO of IKEA is Peter Agnefjall. He is alsochairman of the popular furniture company.
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Where did ikea originate?

Ikea is a private retail company known for their furniture andSwedish meatballs. It was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 inSweden.
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When does IKEA close?

Opening times vary lot depending on location and day of the week. Check for the opening times of the store closest to you.
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Does London have an IKEA?

Yes, there are varius Ikea's around London, there is a particularly big one at Wembley, which you can get to on the Jubilee Line.
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When was IKEA established?

IKEA was founded by a man named Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. The companyis the largest furniture retailer on the planet.
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When will there be IKEA in Africa?

The short answer appears to be never! It seems that South Africa is not part of IKEA's 'Strategic Intent', and despite regular queries, they just don't take the hint that IKEA ( Full Answer )
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Why is IKEA a name?

This is on the IKEA website 1. When was IKEA founded and where does the name IKEA come from? IKEA was founded in 1943. The name is made up from the initials of our founder ( Full Answer )
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Is IKEA selling old items?

No, Ikea sells only new items as well as food (frozen and ready to eat).
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Where is IKEA in Egypt?

IKEA will open its first store in Egypt in Festival City (New Cairo) at the beginning of 2012!
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Who is the Asian actress in IKEA commercial?

Both were in Joy luck club. She played Waverly and he played theplayboy husband from one of the mom's past. WRONG! That is NOT Tamblyn Tomita!
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Is there an IKEA store in Puerto Rico?

No. The Swedish conglomerate was once looking to the Island as a viable market, but at the end, they chose Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. The is on ( Full Answer )
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Where is IKEA in Egypt and is it open?

It is not yet open but is supposed to open in 2013 It is in the new development called Festival City on ring road
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Is jona lewie in the IKEA advert?

Yes He is. He doesn't sing the song tho. In the ad the song is sung by a swedish band by the name of "Man Like ME". Jonah Appears as the host of the party. He wears a mask on ( Full Answer )
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Where is IKEA origonally from?

IKEA is originally a Swedish store. They have stores in many countries around the world.
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Did Ikea explode?

Yes! The one near Homebush did. Luckily only a small amount of the building was destroyed and the economy is still surviving!
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Where is IKEA in Turkey?

There currently are currently four Ikea stores in Turkey, Two in Istanbul, one in Izmir and one in Bursa: Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi Balkan Caddesi No:62 Ümraniye-İs ( Full Answer )
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What is IKEAS purpose?

Make everyone's home cozy and beautiful, no matter who are they, no matter how much they earned. I like IKEAS, I am a fan of IKEAS.
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Is IKEA an ltd?

yes it has a limited liability and yes it is it is owned by family and friends (1-50) people
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Why did you apply for ikea?

what are three input components of the congruence model as they apply to the successof IKEA.
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Why is IKEA weird?

Because she likes to stab people . and smack people with her boobs. also she likes to skip. her skipping is negative
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Where do you get an IKEA catalogue?

You can get the ikea catelogue at ikea itself or you can sign up on the ikea website to recieve it by mail or just view it.