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Im ugly what do i do?

You may be the ugliest person and have the greatest personality, and you'll have lots of friends and people that'll tell you that you are beautiful. Now, you may be the most g ( Full Answer )
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Im 15 and?

are you asking what happens next? if you are you tun 16. you must get married if your a gyspy. they find husbands at age 14 at halloween parties. they dress like bad girls yo ( Full Answer )
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What is IM?

Exchanging text messages in real time between two or more peoplelogged into a particular instant messaging (IM) service. Instantmessaging is more interactive than e-mail becau ( Full Answer )
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What is im an abstract?

There are a great number of things that can be considered abstract.These things include but are not limited to art.
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Where im descended from?

Do you mean 'descended from' or 'ascended from'? Without knowing more about you, this could be difficult to answer. Opinions may also differ on this one. Perhaps you've always ( Full Answer )
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How does IM work?

In order to have a conversation using the instant messaging, theuser needs to install a compatible instant messaging program on hiscomputer. The person on the other end must a ( Full Answer )
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Im a mermaid?

you can have genetics of a fish and not know it til teen years , its possible because i am
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What does IM mean?

IM is most commonly known as "Instant Message." . "IM" is short for Individual Medley, where the swimmer does all four strokes, butterfly, breast, back, and freestyle. I'm n ( Full Answer )
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What is a IM?

its an application where you make an account then your friend makes an account and a little window comes up when they are online and then you can type them an Instant Message ( Full Answer )
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What can you do on MySpace im?

(IM: Instant Message) Myspace IM is for Instant Messaging you're friends. Customize you're IM screen, chat with other online contacts. Skype for an online call to a person. Pl ( Full Answer )
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How do you read im?

Someone will send you a message and if you have trouble "de-teenifying" it go to this site: and look at all the acronyms you need to figure out ( Full Answer )
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Im scared that im fat?

If you're scared about your weight then you should talk to your GP about this. He or she will be able to tell you whether you do weigh too much for your weight (according to a ( Full Answer )
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Why im hot?

because your body is always going to be hot and your temparature is always 37degrese if your low your cold and if your high your to hot and need to go to the doctor.
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Im 11 and im in love?

As a 69 year old, I guarantee that you will be in love with someone(not always the same person) many, many times, during yourlifetime.
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Where can you IM?

You can IM on AOL and msn. Yahoo also. Or you can get Google chat. But I would likely prefer AOL because its easier and a lot more fun. Check it out and see if you like it. Th ( Full Answer )
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Why am im bored?

maybee u are tired and have nothin to do in class or maybee u live in the country and don't have a phone or t.v. or internet or maybee u live with a mom or dad or somone and t ( Full Answer )
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What can i do if im horny?

when you get home go to your room take off your clothes and if ur a girl finger yourself or look up naked guys on the computer but if ur a guy play wiv your dick and look up n ( Full Answer )
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Why im the best?

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If im white what are you?

am Mexican and my boy here is a potorican am Mexican and my boy here is a potorican am Mexican and my boy here is a potorican am Mexican and my boy here is a potorican
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What do you do if im suicidal?

OK STOP!!!! do not do that. honeslty living on earth is better then going to hell. you need to sit down and think about what your saying an say to your self "do i really wanna ( Full Answer )
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What is IME on your computer?

An input method is an operating system component or programthat allows users to enter characters and symbols not found ontheir input device. For instance, on the computer, t ( Full Answer )
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Im 52 and im 20 and im 14stone is that obese?

Your BMI(Body Mass index) is 35.8. Anything over 30 is considered "obese". To be considered "normal" your BMI has to be 24.9. Which is about 9 - 10 stones.
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Who has a im-me?

Who has a im-me ? i have a im me my username is jodimcelro add me plz plz plz plz
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What is im in German?

I am in German is Ich bin. The German word im is a contraction of in dem which translates as in the.
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What is a IM doctor?

Just googled around that found that imDoctor is one of the latest application developed by Quicols Consultancy Services. Also note that the imDoctor is intended for the Androi ( Full Answer )
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When does the prefix im spelled im?

it is the shortened form of 'in dem'. it is only used in the dative ex. Ich werde im Wagen eine Zigarette rauchen = Ich werde in dem Wagen eine Zigarette rauchen
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What is the plural of IM?

Messenger: The plural of instant messenger (IM) is instant messengers (IMs). As in "I have two instant messengers". Message: The plural of instant message (IM) is instant ( Full Answer )
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What do when im bored?

-make a yahoo sight and text your friends off of it ( but pretent your some1 else -text -think bout how you would live without my girlfriend or boyfriend. -then think ho ( Full Answer )
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Why does he insist im cheating when im not?

Someone told him something/he heard a rumor . You're too close/friendly to a guy friend & don't realizeit . He's cheating & feeling bad, so he thinks you are, too . You've ( Full Answer )
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What can i do when im bored?

BALLOONS. My friends and I have a list of awesome things to do with balloons. 1. P-R-A-N-K-S -Write random words on balloons, tie a string to them, early in the morning ( Full Answer )
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What can you do when im 18?

if you mean what can i do when im 18 then you are leagally an adult you can smoke drink in bars but you must be 21 in some places to but alcohole you can get marride you can d ( Full Answer )
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Why im not handsome?

Everyone is born different. Some people are lucky and are considered to be hansom, while others have more interesting appearances. The important thing to remember is that it ( Full Answer )
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Why Im handsome?

I don't now dumb question and im being hoest never ask a question like that again