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What is an image?

Why would you ask such a silly question I'm sure you know what a image is ;)
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What is imaging?

Imaging is the process of scanning to capture an image, storing theimage, manipulating, and displaying an image using a computer.Computer imaging includes composition of bit-m ( Full Answer )
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What is Imagism?

Around 1912 in London, England, a few British and US poets led by Ezra Pound, began a poetic movement that became known as imagism. Simply put, imagism is writing poetry that ( Full Answer )
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What is seismic imaging?

Seismic imaging is when seismograms take recordings of the Earth'ssurface. That are mapped into representations of its interiorproperties. Seismic imaging investigates the phy ( Full Answer )
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What is image?

in literature terms: Image is a word or phrase that directs to taste, sound, hear, sight, smell. in general terms: Image is a picture expressing ones self
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What is a stereotypical image?

These are some widely believed stereotypical images.. A Native American with feathered headress and a tomahawk. . A Japanese person with many cameras. . All British persons ( Full Answer )
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How do you get satellite images?

You get images from a satellite using a frequency band. The best way to access satellite images is with Google maps. However, if you want your own, you will need to have at ( Full Answer )
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What is a virtual image?

image from which light rays diverge: an image from which reflected or refracted light rays appear to diverge.An optical image formed from the apparent divergence of light ray ( Full Answer )
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How do you digitize an image?

Digitizing an image involves capturing it from paper using ascanner for presentation and storage on the computer. On thecomputer, the now-digital image can be improved image p ( Full Answer )
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How can you add an image to Google images?

its all robots that crawl the internet based on searches and prefrences (if nobody searched anything about Mario and didnt do stuff about Mario there wouldn't be images) ( Full Answer )
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How do you upload image in Google Images?

There is no actual method of uploading an image to Google Images. In a similar manner to using the web search, Google will search images and present those it considers to be t ( Full Answer )
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What is a image?

A picture which forms in a mirror or on a screen, or is made by lenses.In simple way we can say it is digital format of your feeling, expression and moods. images can be in th ( Full Answer )
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Definition and image of retail image?

The perception that consumers have of a particular store and of the experience of shopping there..
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What is rastor image and vector image?

Rastor images/Bitmaps are images that consist of individual pixels. Memory is a pixel image file format which uses a low ammount of memory due to poor quality. When you emlar ( Full Answer )
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How do you upload images in Google images?

No One Can Upload Images To Google Images, Those Images Are Crawled By Google Robots. One great way to have photos uploaded to Google Images is to save the file name just ( Full Answer )
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Is it 'splitting image' or 'spitting image'?

I think it depends upon where you live. I am from the South, and we say "spittin' image." It is said both ways. Answer Some linguistic experts believe that the origina ( Full Answer )
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How are images compressed?

There are two types of compression: - loss less (like Bitmaps or GIF) - lossy (like JPEG) The loss less compression schemes are either deidicated to image representatio ( Full Answer )
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What is image mosaicing?

Image mosaicing is basically turning every part of the image into smallish blocks of squares which make it look like a mosaic.

How do you insert an image?

In most cases, you can either: . copy and paste an image into the program you are using . click on an image button, if there is one . if there are any, look in the Menus ( Full Answer )
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What are the images of the church?

I am not sure what you mean by images. The bible talks about the church as being the bride of Christ or the body of Christ. Those who have accepted Jesus as Lord are called sp ( Full Answer )
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What is analog image?

Analog photography From Wikipedia, the freeencyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline cit ( Full Answer )
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What is an analog image?

analog image is a two dimensional function of f(s,t) considered in the continuous time domain.
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How do you publish an image to google images?

I just read this somewhere else, but I'm pretty sure you need anapp (kike Picasa) which is the only way I can find. Sorry!
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What is image detector?

An image sensor (detector) is a device that converts an optical image to an electric signal. It is used mostly in digital cameras and other imaging devices. Early sensors ( Full Answer )
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What is a cooperate image?

Are you possibly referring to Corporate Image? A Corporate Image is a standard computer load, compressed to an single file(image) for quick deployment.
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What is graphical image?

Graphical image means creating image with some unique concepts and also includes some graphical effects. It's not photo capture image or something like that but it's generated ( Full Answer )
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How do you turn an image into a 3D image?

Do you mean on a piece of paper? If so, you have to add perspective to it. One way to do that is to draw a background. Another way is to give your object a 3D illusion through ( Full Answer )
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How is an image interpreted?

the image is interpreted when there is an actual intersection of rays of light. There are two types of images. there is actual image and virtual image.
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What is Image sensor?

An image sensor if sophisticated can be used for a process such as photo recognition. Another application is for security purposes being basic identification.
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What is harmonic imaging?

The article in the related link describes how harmonic imaging is used in ultrasound devices. Basically, you transmit at one frequency, but listen for one of the harmonic freq ( Full Answer )
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When you invert an image what is the image value?

opposite the valur of the image before you inverted it. ex - inverted = +, black inverted = white. tip refer to color wheel foe color inversions.. outinverted = in, et el.
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What is image acquisition in image processing?

Its name specifies definition. To get image from any source especially hardware based any source is called as image acquisition in the image processing because without image r ( Full Answer )
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How does a concave image produce an image?

An image does not produce an image. However, a concave mirror , specifically one with a parabolic figure, forms an image in its focal plane of an infinitely distant objec ( Full Answer )