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Where in the Bible is schism and ism mentioned?

Answer . 1Co 12:25 That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another.. King James Version
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What are the isms of World War I?

imperialism - empire building militarism- importance of the armed forces in the way a country is run nationalism - loyalty to a country industrialism - the ability to mass ( Full Answer )
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What is Newman-ism?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Newmanism is "the theological and ecclesiastical body of views put forward by John Henry Newman before he left the Anglican Church ( Full Answer )
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Words ending ism?

Absolutism government by a single ruler Anarchism all governments should be abolished Capitalism private ownership and free market economies Imperialism when one cou ( Full Answer )
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What is the isme azam?

Assalam Alikum sis n bro;). Bil kul aisa he ke is ko Allah aor Us Rasool Sallaualehe wasalm ke ilawa koi nai janta he...kiyo ke sirf ye kehna ke Allah ke siwa to galat ho ga. ( Full Answer )
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What is the Ism-e-Azam?

Isme-e-Azam is one special name for Allah in Islamic beliefs that if one knows he can make things happen. Only very special ones know this name.
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Words with the suffix ism?

The suffix ism is a noun and means belief, action, or conduct. Somewords that have this suffix are formalism, federalism, andBuddhism.
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Words that end with -ism?

Here are all the words that end in -ism abolitionism absenteeism absolutism abstractionism absurdism academicism academism achromatism acrotism actinism activism adoptianism ( Full Answer )
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What words end with the suffix ism?

feminism Hinduism Buddhism polytheism monotheism racism Judaism Mormonism idolism- the worship of idols heroism- quality of a hero microorganism- any micro ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between Islam and ism?

Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers, not to be confused as being the same thing. Muslims differ in politics, laws and points of views to other Muslims, which i ( Full Answer )
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Words that end in ism?

Budism, Judism, any religion would end in ism.. just go to google and look up... Words that end in ism.
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How many isms are there?

Ism a doctrine, theory or thought system. How many ism's are there?. In its Truest meaning, there is one for every person on the planet. The definitions are constantly chan ( Full Answer )
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What is ism and schism?

Both may be regarded as Branches of a tree....that tree being Life The only real difference an ISM and a SCHISM is the "Sch"......and the definite article is SCH--"IT"
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Word with suffix ism?

atheism . classicism . dualism . enthusiasm . fanaticism . hedonism . individualism . journalism . legalism . materialism . mysticism
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What is the definition of the suffix ism?

The suffix -ism means 'self-being or self-seeking'. Examples are abolitionism abolitionisms absenteeism absenteeisms absolutism absolutisms abstractionism abstrac ( Full Answer )
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What is hobo-ism?

1 - It's a secret religion created by a hobo named "Hobo". Hence the name. He also created a race of people, which he named after himself. . 2 - A reference to the philosophy ( Full Answer )
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What is a Yogi-ism?

A Yogi-ism is a witty comment or statement that was supposedly said by Yogi Berra. The comments are usually blatantly obvious or incorrect or said in jest to get a laugh. Some ( Full Answer )
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How old ism a dinosaur?

how old a dinosaur is all depends on what type of dinosaur it is. it also depends on whether or not the dinosaur is extinct or still living in a way. such as birds. some birds ( Full Answer )
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What do the ism means in alcoholism?

In "AA Language," the "ism" refers to the problems and character defects that are left after you remove the alcohol.
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What does the root word '-ism' mean?

doctorine the root word for " ism " is doctirine. The suffix -ism usually means belief. An example of this is Buddhism.
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What is Regular ism?

Ism means noun in Arabic. Arabic nouns can have regular plurals or irregular plurals. Arabic regular plurals end in "waaw nuun" or "yaa2 nuun" for masculine sound plurals an ( Full Answer )
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What are some words endind in ism?

altruism . atheism . autism . baptism . communism . criticism . cubism . capitolism . dwarfism . euphemism . fundamentalism . fatalism . feminism . hedonism . im ( Full Answer )
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What are the isms of World War 2?

•Militarism- Nazi, Japan. •Totalitarianism- Nazi, Italy, USSR. •Fascism- Italy. •Nazism- … no kidding. •Offshoots of Communism- Stalinism. ( Full Answer )
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Suffix words that end with ism?

The following are some words that end with the suffix -ism: Buddhism, vegetarianism, cannibalism, monotheism, criticism, terrorism, Marxism.
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List of words with the suffix ism?

Words ending with the suffix -ism: . activism . altruism . atheism . autism . botulism . cannibalism . capitalism . colloquialism . commercialism . communism . co ( Full Answer )
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What is a word with the suffix ism and its meaning?

An '-ism' is a particular doctrine, theory, system, or practice. Pragmatism, therefore, would be the theory, system or practice of being pragmatic.
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What are ISM in a PBX?

The ISM bands defined by the ITU-R are: Frequency range [Hz] Center frequency [Hz] Availability . 6.765-6.795 MHz. 6.780 MHz. Subject to local acceptance. 13.553-13. ( Full Answer )
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What are the three isms?

The three isms are: Militarism: The belief of having the best military. Imperialism: The belief of spreading your power to other nations. Nationalism: The belief that one cou ( Full Answer )
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What is sheen-ism?

Sheenism is the worship of the all powerful and all seeing Charlie Sheen. Rituals include the ceremonial inhalation of cocaine and the drinking of raw tiger blood. May Charlie ( Full Answer )
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What is the best meaning for the suffix -ism?

A distinctive doctrine, theory or practice. All origins are ultimately Greek as in Ismos/Isma. The Latin is Ismus/Isma. French is Isme and German is Ismus
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What is a definition of friendship-ism?

Friendshipism is the concept of friendship as a psychological and/or social construct, thus permitting the scientific study of what friendship means. http://en.wiktionary. ( Full Answer )
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What ism the role of the program counter?

It is used to count the timing of the instruction in the program which is processing by microprocessor and ready to execute. The program counter is used by microprocessor. Sim ( Full Answer )
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What does ISM do to star light?

The ISM is (at least) a variably diffuse particle medium. It can modulate he wavelength of light (ergo also the received 'frequency'), and also it's optical axis (aberration) ( Full Answer )
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Words for the suffix ism?

-Ism is the suffix that means belief. Some examples are Buddhism, criticism, sexism, formalism, etc.
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What ism Did Hitler and Mussolini preach?

Fascism, a less extreme version of communism. Both are socialistideologies that require virtual dictatorial rule to keep the peoplein-line.