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What are regulatory issues?

Regulatory issues are those issues that result due to error on behalf of the accused. For example, when you walk into a business where someone is mopping, you tend to see that ( Full Answer )
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What is the Sabah issue?

The issue is whether or not Malaysia has legitimate rights tocontrol the province of Sabah on the island of Borneo. Please see the Related Links below for arguments from both ( Full Answer )
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What is fiduciary issue?

Fiduciary issue is a part of the issue of notes in the past bankthat is not supported by gold. Fiduciary refers to an ethicalrelationship of trust between two or more parties. ( Full Answer )
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What are normative issues?

Normative issues are special editions put out by some magazines and periodicals which use very minimalist layout and formatting. This is mainly used as a marketing ploy, since ( Full Answer )
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What are organisational issues?

Some issues facing organizations include failing to scan theenvironment. When a business doesn't recognize changing trends,they may begin to lose money.
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What is a moral issue?

A moral issue can be described as an issue that involves a difference of belief or principle and not a matter of preference. What is moral also changes from society to society ( Full Answer )
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What is princiable issue?

There are many things that could be considered a principle issue.Principle issues are issues that are considered the most important.
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What is Issuing Company?

I'm filing for unemployment and a field required is issuing is on the same page asking for a personal id other than your social security. What does this mean? Iss ( Full Answer )
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Meant by issue?

There are many things that could be meant by the word issue. Anissue could be a problem or a topic.
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What are global issues?

Global Issues are anything that change or harm the Earth, such as: *Air and water pollution *Deforestation *Intensive Farming *Animal Abuse *Child Abuse *Child Lab ( Full Answer )
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What is a Financial issue?

A financial issue is the other term for financial problem.Financial problem is a stage wherein a person is having a lot oftrouble involving money matters.
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Was slavery an issue?

Yes slavery was and still is an issue in many countries (both legal and illegal).
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What is proof issue?

Coins that are "proof" quality coins are more valuable than other minted coins. The reason seems to be that the blanks used are stamped into coins in a special way, and then I ( Full Answer )
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What are the issues in marketing?

in this world we have a major issue with the infuence of marketing/media. what issue does marketing
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What is price issue?

this is done to distribute foodgrains in the difict areas and among the poor people of the societyat a price lower than the market price is known as issue price.
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What is a religious issue?

A religious issue always depends on the religion. For example Christianity has issues about sinners. The Bahai Faith encourages its believers not to drink. Zoroatrianism ( Full Answer )
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What are the issues of cyberbullying?

There are many issues both with the actual 'activity' and for thepersons health and emotions. Some Cyber-bullying is does anonymously therefore the person mayfeel even more at ( Full Answer )
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What is RMA issue?

RMA means Return Merchandise Authorization. As if you bought something and had to return it under warranty. The seller issues and RMA usually as a number such as RMA1234.
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What are the issues for an iPhone?

there are NO phones that are perfect but the best ONE is an iphone. there are a few flaws but non that anyone CARES ABOUT. YOUR best but is to get one, but if you have anymore ( Full Answer )
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What is a issue note?

The currency issued by Central bank of any country for monetary transactions is known as issue note.
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Who issues the isin?

There are some countries where NNA operates,and NNA issues ISIN for that paticular country......Sanjit Mondal-Deutsche Bank, Bangalore
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What is the issue of Antarctica?

there are issues in Antarctica such as global warming - the ice will melt. . or that the Japanese whaling is hurting the animals that live there, and the tourists that go th ( Full Answer )
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Why does pollution have to be a issue?

well of coarse chinas pollution has to be an issue because other wise no one would try to help them and they would never be a cleaner place. i we could all pitch in and help o ( Full Answer )
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Why was the slave issue a political issue?

because slaves were a part of our country and somebody had to say it was unfaire so political parties from the north and south disputed it
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Who issues a BOLO?

Directors of an Agency are usually the ones to issue an official, wide-spread BOLO. But anyone who commands a team can alert their team to be on the look out for someone.
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What is a copyright issue?

Saying something has a "copyright issue" is usually a nice, slightly oblique way of saying "copyright infringement." For example, if a YouTube video is taken down because of c ( Full Answer )
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Why was slavery such an issue?

Under slavery, certain people are treated as property; this contradicts the notion of basic human rights.
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Who issued the crusades?

Pope Urban II. Pope Urban II, who reigned rom 1088 to 1099, was motivated by religious impulse to issue the call for the Crusade. It was also a major political opportunity for ( Full Answer )
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What are the issues with fibrillations?

Fibrillations cause the heart to stop pumping blood, leading to brain damage and/or cardiac arrest.
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Is obesity an issue?

Is Obesity An Issue? Obesity is an issue in the United States. This is primarily because of the lack of exercise as well as high calorie intake. (Fast food, high calorie fo ( Full Answer )
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What issues do sharks have?

Issues that sharks have are, problem with eyesight, they cannot clean themselves, they cannot swim upside down, they can only stay on land for a short amount of time, and they ( Full Answer )
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Where is racism an issue?

Racism is an issue just about anywhere. There may be places where it's worse, but there is always going to be a racist group or person somewhere.
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How shares are issued?

Form corporation through states and arbitrary have some shares to it, lets say 1 million. When company is valuable enough, you hire investment banker and they will help the ( Full Answer )
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What are the issues and the problem?

Agriculture also called farming or husbandry is the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel and other products used to sustai ( Full Answer )