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Your periods are regular as clockwork but you'r 3 days late been really tired moody dizzy nauseas took 2 ept both negative now Ive got bit light bleeding not like period could you be pregnant?

Answer . yes you may be pregnant the light bleeding that your experiencing may be implantation bleeding where the fertilized egg implants into the uterine walls so if you (MORE)
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I had unprtected sex 2 days before my period and I got my piroid 2 days later my periods usually lasts 7 12 days this month it only lasted 3 days could i be pregnant?

If you already had your period after the encounter, chances are you are not pregnant. A shorter period is not an indicator of pregnancy. You will not know for sure until at l (MORE)
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You had unprotected sex 4 times 2 days before your period got your period and it stopped after 3 days can you be pregnant?

No , you wont because the periods are there to prepare the uterus for the reception of fertilized ovum. the start as a result of the breakdown of the previous ovum which was n (MORE)
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You had unprotected sex one day after your period its now a week later and your feeling cramping like before you get your period and also feeling tired is it possible your pregnant?

Yes, it is very possible. That is exactly what just happened to our family and we are now awaiting our newest member in February :). It depends on when you ovulate but if you (MORE)
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I had a short period on time for 2 days Lately I've been tired nauseous and having headaches could i be pregnant i am also on bc but I've been having unprotected sex?

yes there is a possibility you may be pregnant. birth control is only 99.9% effective and the more frequently you have unprotected sex, the higher the possibility of pregnancy (MORE)
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If you missed three days of pills had unprotected sex on the third day then got your period two days later could you still be pregnant?

Yes. the blood that came out could have been build up from not taking the pills, yet it is highly unlikely.. it is possible. try the pregnancy test if your really worried.. Y (MORE)
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Took antibiotics while on the pill and had unprotected sex 2 days before period Now 2 weeks later feeling nauseated bloated and experiencing white discharge Could I be pregnant?

The discharge could be yeast infection due to the antibiotics you were on. As for being pregnant any unprotected sex can result in that among other things. A pregnancy test sh (MORE)
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Ive taken 4 pregnancy tests and they have all been negative but im 5 days late for your period and your boobs are hurting im peeing alot and im really tired all of the time could you be pregnant?

it sounds like stres fatigue due to being worried of being pregnant. most likely your period is late this month. sports training may delay your period. wait a whole month for (MORE)