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Is leaking breast milk during pregnancy normal?

Leaking Breat Milk During Pregnancy \n. \nMany women leak colostrum (the first milk) at some time during pregnancy. It can be just a drop or enough that you need breast pa (MORE)
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Can you leak breast milk as early as 2-3 weeks pregnant?

No. You generally start "lactating" in the fourth to fifth month. Two to three weeks is way too soon. What is actually produced, however, is not milk but a yellowish substa (MORE)
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Is it possible to leak breast milk at 24 weeks pregnant?

Answer . \nIt is most likely colostrom.... yes, it can happan... depending on your pregnancy... my second pregnancy I leaked colostrom from about 20 weeks on.... It is jus (MORE)
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Can a woman leak milk from her breast a week after her menses and not be pregnant?

Answer . It is best to see your doctor concerning this matter - there are a variety of reasons that your breast may leak and not be pregnant but it is very important you h (MORE)
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Will there be breast milk when the baby is born if it leaks now?

\nYes,but sometimes the milk can take awhile to come out after the baby is born so don't be discouraged about it!! Breast milk does not run out as long as YOU are using it!!\n (MORE)
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Why would a woman breast leak milk if they have never been pregant?

You need to see your doctor. Certain medications can cause lactation. Pituitary tumors can cause lactation. Most women do have breast secretions at some point in their lives s (MORE)
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Can you breast feed if you never had a baby?

No, your body won't produce the milk. There are hormones that are produced when a baby is born and without the pregnancy they aren't produced.
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Can you milk goat that never had a baby?

Rarely as you need the hormones during pregnancy to develop the udder to a stage to express milk - unless the doe has a pseudo pregancy. Sometimes however the dairy breeds udd (MORE)
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Is it possible to leak breast milk a week after conception?

Sometimes breast milk leakage is due to a hormonal imbalance or other serious conditions. A friend of mine is 6 months pregnant and has had milk for awhile, so maybe not impos (MORE)
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My hamster is a week old and i bought stairs for him from the store that he could go up and down on. but he never does them. he gets near the stairs but doesnt come down or up. is this normal?

As in it was literally born a week ago? Or, that you purchased it a week ago? If it's truly only 1 week old it probably can't climb them, physically, yet. Even if it's older t (MORE)