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How do you please your man in the bedroom?

have sexual intercoarse with him :) Answer Being a man myself... the best thing you can do is listen, and I mean honestly listen to your man's needs and desires. Don't roll (MORE)
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How do you decorate a teen girls bedroom?

get a . cool dona cover . photo frames of their friends . posters of favourite bands or hotties . some pretty see through curtains . a decorative bed frame . use wall st (MORE)
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How do you decorate a bedroom?

any way you want not pink or baby blue keep that for the bed room. tile and color code (pictures on google anyone) goes along way just go to home depot and ask for help. they (MORE)
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Decorating ideas for a teen boys bedroom?

Most boys like sports. You can use this theme to decor your boy's room. Get sport theme beddings, apply sport posters and stickers. The related link below will take you to a t (MORE)
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How should you decorate your daughter's bedroom?

Start with your daughter... she is your best source of information, about her favourite colours, themes, hobbies, etc. Then use your imagination and a bit of common sense... I (MORE)
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I am a fifteen year old female and don't know what colours to decorate my bedroom with I don't like the typical colours like pink and I want to be different please help?

At fifteen, you will have some ideas about your favourite things, colours, fashions etc. That is where your inspiration should come from. Start with your clothing. Do you w (MORE)
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How should you decorate a dance themed bedroom?

get a disco ball, get one of those dance mats u get with the dance games and use it as a carpet, or instead of a disco ball, use different colored lights u get at home depot. (MORE)
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What are Good colors for a teenage girls bedroom?

don't use a bright pink or other neon color, you will likely regret it later ^^ Not dark colors, but shades of blue or green tend to do well in a small room. Avoid colors l (MORE)
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Where can you find bedroom decorations?

Hi, Everyone wants to decorate their bedroom in a unique designso that all can see and attract by this. So it is very muchimportant to decorate a bedroom in a good way. 1. You (MORE)
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I have a TINY bedroom and want it decorated and usually just have one colour of paint but its boring now im a 15 year old girl and want something different without making it look smaller help?

While it may seem boring now with just one color of paint on the walls and without accent color. Painting the room in light colors-beige, light blue, a shade of white (and the (MORE)
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Can someone help me with your bedroom plan?

Office Furniture Concepts has a space planner on their website. I'm not sure if it's of any help, but if you go to you might be able to use the space planne (MORE)
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How do you decorate your bedroom like Elena Gilberts?

Elena Gilbert has a very simple room. The picture of a horse above her bed is Lock and Load - Mary Leslie Horse's Painting. She has a Cheval Mirror in her room. She has (MORE)
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What is the best way to decorate your bedroom?

Well it depends what age u r. if ur 10 or under i think u should paint it like undersea or in space.u cud also have colorfull furniture. or a sofa bed or high up bed, or also (MORE)
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How could you decorate a monsterhigh bedroom?

Um I would make the room dark and kinda creepy. Some of the colors I would use is: Frankie: Blacks, blues and silvers Draculura: Lots of pink black and white Clawd (MORE)
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How do you decorate a bedroom like a beach?

This is just thinking out loud . . . Paint the ceiling azure blue, and extend that same color down the walls about 2/3. Bottom third of the walls is a thin area of darker b (MORE)