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Will the Show Slacker cats return?

Answer . there are rumors of an 09 season 2 but you can watch some un aired episodes on abc family .com
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How do cats show affection to their owners?

My cat is spoiled rotten and she gives me pretty reliable signs. One of her least endearing habits is to bring me dead mice. Most cats will do this from time to time. When I'm (MORE)
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How do cats show pain?

How Do Cats Show Pain? . Unlike humans that can express themselves if a cat is not feeling well and in pain they will generally go off to a secluded area of the home and st (MORE)
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How do cats show affection?

a cat may show you affection by purring when you stroke him/her or rubbing around your legs- by doing this they are saying "You're mine now." It's like marking out family. It (MORE)
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How can a Siamese cat get disqualified in a cat show?

if you mean"how can a Siamese be disqualified. they're the best and and all other cats a inferior" then your dang wrong. if you mean you bring a quality Siamese and its atouma (MORE)
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What is the name of an adult female cat?

Adult female cats are often called Queens, especially when pregnant or nursing kittens. The term "Molly" is sometimes used for immature, young and spayed female cats.
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What is the name of an adult cat?

Male cats, particularly intact (not neutered) adult males are known as Toms or Tomcats. Adult female cats are often called Queens, especially when pregnant or nursing kittens (MORE)
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Can you enter your Blind Cat into a Cat Show?

You would have to check the cat criteria of the show. Usually when showing an animal in a "Cat" or "Dog" show, it is the best traits of the breed that would win the prize.... (MORE)
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How old is the show Cat Woman?

There doesn't appear to be a show called Cat Woman in existence. The character of Catwoman was created in the Spring of 1940.
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Can show cats be declawed?

Many cat shows do not permit declawed cats, and most, if not all, will not allow a pedigree breed that has been declawed to show. The Cat Fanciers' Association states that (MORE)
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Can cats show love?

Yes they do. By stropping you and purring and laying on or next to you.
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What do cats have to have to win a cat show?

Cats Need Many Different Qualitys. It Needs To be Well Nautured. And Have No Strange Markings. My British Short Hair Blue Point won't be able to enter a show due to his toes o (MORE)
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Is 'cat show' a proper noun?

The compound noun 'cat show' (lower case) is a common noun ,a general word for any cat show anywhere. A proper noun is the name of a specific cat show. A proper noun isalway (MORE)
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What is 'Cats' the stage show about?

The show "Cats" is a Broadway show where people dance and do flips and I think singing also. yeah. that's what it's about.
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How do cats show that they love you?

The usually try and scent mark you by rubbing their faces on your legs, or your hand, if you try and stroke them, also brushing up against you and meowing. Apparently cats onl (MORE)