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Is virus a plant or an animal?

Virus is neither a plant nor an animal it is actually in between living and non-living organisms. but it is been classified under botany.
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What time of the year do you plant tomato seeds?

During winter is good time to plant tomato seeds. Before planting, the seeds should be in sun light for a day or two. Then only it should be planted. Put some manure for early (MORE)
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How does a virus particle differ from a plant cell?

A plant cell has the following:\n. \nCell wall (cellulose primarily) Plasmodesmata, pores connecting cell to cell.\nCell membrane (Sometimes referred to as plasmolemma, plasm (MORE)
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How do you eliminate a virus in a plant?

You can eliminate a virus from a plant but it is difficult and costly. It is only undertaken if the plant is valuable and can be propagated by cuttings after treatment. The mo (MORE)
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Why plant virus does not infect animal?

Viruses only target certain host cells that contains the complementary receptor, and since plant cells and animals cells differ. Virals found in plants may not effect animals (MORE)
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Can you use your tomato plant next year?

No but you can certainly save and dry the seeds from an over ripe tomato. You may not get exactly the same variety as last year but it is worth doing. Cherry tomato's like (MORE)
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How do tomato plants produce seeds?

Like all fruit the seeds are internal. Another answer would be : through pollination, the flowers receive pollen either by insects or wind, which starts the reproductive cycle (MORE)
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Is virus a plant?

No, a virus is not a plant. Viruses are non-living organisms/structures that contain genetic material and that are sub-microscopic in size and cause illness and infections in (MORE)
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How do you plant the seeds of tomatoes?

Seeds are planted in starting blocks, that are placed under grow lights indoors. 1 - 3 seeds are placed in a block and the strongest sprout is allowed to grow. When the weathe (MORE)
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What is the lytic cycle for plant virus?

Viruses must enter through wounds or be assisted by other plant parasites, including nematodes, fungi, and, most often, insects that suck the plant's sap. Once one plant is in (MORE)
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Can virus infect plants?

Yes they can, infact the first virus discovered was plant virus named TMV (tobacco mosaic virus). absolutely right answer.
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How do you identify a plant virus?

As with most viruses they can only accurately be identified under an electron microscope as they are extremely small (basically DNA with a protein shell). The effects of cert (MORE)
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How does tobacco mosaic virus harm plants and crops?

The plant disease caused by tobacco mosaic virus is found worldwide. The virus is known to infect more than 150 types of herbaceous, dicotyledonous plants including many veget (MORE)