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Can a 16-year-old mother get married without parental consent to the father of her child?

Maryland, Florida, Virginia, W.Virginia and New Jersey allow a female minor to marry without parental or guardian permission if she is pregnant or already has a child. Kentuck (MORE)
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How can a mother get a passport for a child without the fathers consent?

A request must be made of the court to override his power to object, or to remove his parental rights and responsibilities. Because most countries, including the US, do not h (MORE)
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Can a mother take a child out of the country without the fathers consent?

(in the US) The baby would need a passport to leave the country anda US passport cannot be issued to the baby without the consentof both parents . HOWEVER - if there is any i (MORE)
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Can a father take child out of state without mothers consent?

Provided it is just for a trio or vacation, and not a permanent move, then possibly yes. In other circumstances no. It depends a lot on marital status, legal custody, and any (MORE)
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Does father have to prove paternity of a child if going for custody and never married to mother?

Of course. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most states until the father can establish his paternity. Remember, a child's mot (MORE)
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Can the mother change the childs name and have her new husband adopt the child without the real fathers consent?

That depends on where you live and whether you parental rights have been terminated. In the United States, parentage would first have to be established either by being list (MORE)
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Can the mother place her child for adoption without the consent of the child's legal father?

In the US, no and yes. I believe Utah is the only state where the mother only have the obligation to notify the father of her decision but he can then seek custody and stop th (MORE)
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Can paternal grandparents legally keep the unwed mother of the child away from the child through a power of attorney of the child's unwed father?

Of course not. In the United States an unwed mother has sole custody of her child until the father has established his paternity legally, in court. Then he must petition for c (MORE)