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What low blood count dangerous?

Answer . The exact number depends on the person, their size, weight, and age. It's based on the concentration of blood cells within your blood stream. If the percentage fal (MORE)
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What is a dangerous White blood count for a nine year girl?

White blood cell count (WBC). The number of white blood cells in a volume of blood. Normal range varies slightly between laboratories but is generally between 4,300 and 10,80 (MORE)
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What is a blood count?

A blood count is when doctors check how many white and red blood cells are in your body. if you have more than a certain amount, you have lukemia.
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What average danger in had count platelet?

If you had a platelet count, your red blood cells should be around150,000 - 400,000 platelets per microliter (mcL). If yours is aboveor below this, talk to a doctor.

How can blood be dangerous?

Some STDs (such as HIV) can be transmitted through blood.AND YOUR MOMMA CUSE SHES A BIT**CH
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Is 1.5 volts of electricity dangerous to people?

1.5 volts is not nearly enough voltage to harm anyone or any animal. You body has about 500 ohms of resistance which is entirely too much for 1.5 volts to push current through (MORE)
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Was a white blood cell count of 28 dangerous?

That depends on what it was before. It also depends on what is causing the high number. Many things can cause leukocytosis (high white blood cells) ranging from psychological (MORE)
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Is a WBC count of 24000 dangerous?

transitory rise from 1200 to 24000 in 24 hours. suspected viremia and analaphytic shock bringing B.P to 90 / 45
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How Dangerous is a Platelet Count of 65?

You are at a moderate increased risk of bleeding. Don't take NSAID's or aspirin. Have this checked every few months, if it continues to drop and drops below 30, this is very d (MORE)
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Is it dangerous to have a platelet count of 103000?

No. The "lower limit of normal" is 150,000 so at 103k you have a "low platelet count" which should be followed up by your doctor, but it's not acutely concerning. It may actua (MORE)
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Is a 32000 white blood cell count dangerous?

This a cause for concern. If it is above the normal of 10,000 it can be a sign of infection. Your doctor will be able to best tell you what to do.
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Is 2.3 a low white blood cell count dangerous when weight is 125 lbs?

Yes. A WBC count of 2.3 is potentially problematic (no matter what your weight is). Check with your physician, as soon as possible, regarding the underlying cause of your leuk (MORE)

Why is blood dangerous?

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My blood count which I understand should be 3 to 5 for a healthy range was measured with the finger clip at POINT 3 How dangerous is this low number?

That's a question that you must take straight to a real doctor. You can not get reliable medical information, opinions, or advice from anonymous strangers on an internet f (MORE)