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How do you decide if Nursing is right for you?

In nursing you should remember that the whole of your job is not always glamourous.. Could you work with people that may be hostile and may be confused and try to hurt you or (MORE)
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Can a mother who was recently on the psychartic ward of a hospital take the childrens power of attorney away from them when their father is in a nursing home?

If the mother is the man's wife, she may have extended rights beyond what the children have with their power of attorney. It depends on the wording in the document. Basically, (MORE)
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Copyright law refers to the right to decide?

Copyright law gives the creator of a work certain exclusive rights to those works, for a limited time. i dont know which is correct but if yall get a lyfe and a edu u can figu (MORE)
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Can I be power of attorney for my mother in law?

Unless state law addresses the subject; generally anyone can be appointed to hold the power of attorney for someone else. It all depends on who your mother in-law trusts enoug (MORE)
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Can The House of Lords decide whether a law is in guidelines with the constitution?

Can The House of Lords decide whether a law is in guidelines with the constitution?. true or false ?. FALSE. The House of Lords CANNOT decide whether a law is in guidelines (MORE)
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How do you become power of attorney for your father in nursing home?

If your father has legal capacity he must execute a Power of Attorney that names you as his attorney-in-fact. The POA must be notarized. If your father lacks legal capacity yo (MORE)
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Can an attorney-in-fact under a Power of Attorney spend your money if you are in a nursing home?

It depends on the type of POA you gave them (in the UK there is a special type called an enduring power of attorney) and in this case the money can only be spent for your be (MORE)
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If a child has lived with her mother who has had primary physical custody for 11 years and at the age of 16 decides that she is leaving does the mother have any rights?

Simply, the answer is yes. A parent is legally liable for the actions of their child, child be define as "until the legal consenting age of 18". There are certain instances th (MORE)
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In british law when can a child decide who to live with?

Under British Law, a child may leave home at the age of 16 if theyhave their parent or guardian's permission, however children do nothave any legal right to decide who to live (MORE)
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How do you get power of attorney of someone if they are in nursing home and are an invalid?

A Power of Attorney can only be voluntarily granted by the individual. You can never force someone to give you ther POA. However - by petitioning the court and presenting evid (MORE)