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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex a few days after you finished your period and started having cramps three days later but a pregnancy test the next week was negative?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nUnprotected sex is very risky! There is no way to actually find out on your own, but with a pregnancy test, and if you have already tried that, try i (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex two weeks ago and your period is now five days late but your having mild cramps like your period is going to start but it doesnt?

I'm answering this question from my own personal experience...Yes you could be.The same thing happened to me when I got pregnant with my first child. I thought I was gonna sta (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if a test was negative but you're two days late for your period and have sore breasts and sore nipples with fatigue back pain and nausea and you had unprotected sex two weeks ago?

Answer . \nIt is very possible that you were ovulating when you last had sex with your husband. Since you are only 2 days late, there might not be enough hormone levels in (MORE)
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Could you get pregnant if you had unprotected sex two weeks before your period?

Yup ... in fact, the girl can get pregnant: . anytime before her period . anytime during her period . anytime after her period . anytime ... PERIOD!! . This has been pr (MORE)
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If i have been having unprotected sex for 8 weeks and my last period ended on the 26th of September and i have stomach cramps and tender breasts could i be pregnant?

if u do not have sex after 26th septh than there are no chances of preg .... Take no notice of above answer, you can still have periods and be pregnant. My wife missed a peri (MORE)
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I am supposed to get my period in 5 days but 2 weeks ago I had unprotected sex 6 times and he came in me and now my breasts hurt and light cramping in lower abdomen could I be pregnant?

Answer There is a chance that by having sex, that constant abuse to your lower body caused your cramping and period to arive late. Answer These symptoms are probably beca (MORE)