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How do you get into foster care?

You need to contact your local council, speaking as a foster carer myself it take a long time but the rewards are well worth it. I would say fostering for a charity such as TA (MORE)
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What is the difference between adoption and foster care?

Foster care is a situation where children are treated and cared for as a member of a family but they are legally a ward of the state and may retain a connection with their bir (MORE)
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How long can a child be in foster care before they are adopted out?

Until they reach the age of majority. In other words, unfortunately, a child may never be adopted and will remain in state's custody until he or she reaches adulthood. This (MORE)
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How do foster children adjust to foster care?

they adjust to foster care because there perant carnt look after them or putin men befor them and puting them in danger to other men and i am a foster child
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Why are you in foster care?

You are in Foster Care if your parents are uneligable to take care of you. you can also go to foster care if it is court orderd like i was...u can also be sent to foster care (MORE)
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Do you have to be in foster care?

No, if you have family that are able to take care of you, you can live there. But if you don't, you can live with other relatives or friends of the family.
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How do you care for a foster mother cat and kittens?

The mother does most of the work. She will nurse them and litter box train them. Don't handle kittens if they are nursing. Make sure the mother always has water and high quali (MORE)
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Disabled person becomes foster care parent?

Can a disabled person care for a person in foster care, and how would it affect their disability income? I also get Long term disability through my former employer.
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What made you Becoming a foster or adoption?

When you are adopted you are their child and they will pay for you and care for you without any state interfering, just as if they birthed you. A fosterchild is being paid (MORE)
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Why do the government have foster care care?

So that no children will be on the street or they wont be treated wrong with their parents. The government needs to have foster care to help these kids with broken homes have (MORE)
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How is adoption and foster care the same?

They aren't the same. Adoption is becoming the legal parent and foster care means the state is the childs guardian. The state makes all important decisions regarding the child (MORE)
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Can you go to an orphanage instead of foster care?

In the US, orphanage is an obsolete term, and instead children in the care of the state are cared for in either foster homes or group homes; in both cases, you are in foster c (MORE)
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Can the child of a prisoner who is in foster care be adopted?

It may have EVERYTHING to do with the laws of your particular state - but usually unless the legal parent/guardian of the child surrenders any claim, they remain, legally, the (MORE)
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What is different foster care and adoption?

When you have a child in foster care, the state is still the legal guardian and the child may still have contact with the biological family. Foster parents have no legal right (MORE)
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Is it possible to go from adopted back into foster care?

Yes, there are two ways. 1. If there is some sort of abuse that happens in the adopted parent's home, it's possible for the child(ren) to go back into foster care. 2. Sa (MORE)
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Can people be on unemployment and become a foster care parent?

The laws between states vary but a home where you are unemployed is not a stable home since you have to be ready to take a job, might be forced to move and if you by any chanc (MORE)
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Does a mother have any parental rights when she has a child in foster care?

In the United States, the state must take legal custody of a childwho isn't living in a safe environment (usually through ChildProtective Services) in order to place that chil (MORE)