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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex and he came inside of you and then you started your period the very next day?

Answer . Yes it is possable some women have there periods all every month through out there pregnancey so if ur unsure get a test.. Answer . Missed periods do not start (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex on Thursday evening and got your period on Friday at 11:30 but your period is usually very heavy and this time it was light?

Answer . \nno because if you get your period in ne way you are not pregnate because the egg that was supposed to get fertlized went out with the blood so no you r not pregn (MORE)
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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex but he pulled out and you have gotten your period for 4 of the last five months but not regular The periods are not light either they are very heavy?

Answer . Assuming you had sex before your irregular periods five months ago and not just recently, no you could not be pregnant. Your irregular periods are a whole differe (MORE)
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If you have unprotected sex but then the women has her normal period she is not pregnant right?

Answer . \nIf you got your period you are not pregnant but you should NEVER have unprotected\nsex unless you are trying to get pregnant with someone you want to share a ch (MORE)
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Why would you feel sick to the stomach and have cramps and light brown liquids on your underwear after having unprotected sex and thinking you were pregnant but your period was just late?

Answer . Its very common for a woman to believe she is pregnant & to experience pregnancy symptoms, only to later on find out she is not pregnant at all. Its the power of (MORE)
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You had unprotected sex 14 days ago and thought you may be pregnant but you started bleeding very lightly not normal for your period could it be implantation bleeding?

Most organizations say implantation bleeding occurs 5 days after conception. (NOTE: conception insnt neccassarily the day you had sex, but between that day and three days afte (MORE)
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You had unprotected sex on the first of the month and got your period as expected but it was very light this month the week before you had very tender beast Could you be pregnant?

you can have tender breast before or during your period if your cycle came on time and you bleed for your regular amount of days then you may not be pregnant if you don't get (MORE)
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I had unproctected sex and took the plan B pill I had the light early period but at the end of that period i had unprotected sex again can i get pregnant?

Yes, ofcourse, if you take the Plan B pill you should wait until the pill wears off so you should probably wait about 12-24 hours. Right now I would go to your local drug stor (MORE)
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Can you get pregnant if you had unprotected sex but no period?

Well this depends on if you do have your period or not, sometimes you can't tell if your about to get your period right around the corner. If you don't have your period yet, b (MORE)