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Will an iPhone work without a SIM card?

Iphone will work without a SIM. Can't make calls of course unless you use a service like skype but all data apps will work if you have a wifi signal. Don't know why other smar (MORE)
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Does an iPhone use a sim card?

An iPhone uses a micro sim card, they are smaller, about half the size of a normal sim card.
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Do iphones use sim cards?

Yes. In order to take a sim card in or out, you look at the top of the phone and you'll see a tiny hole. Stick a safety pin or needle inside and the sim card will pop out. (No (MORE)
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How can you connect to the internet from your Ipod using wifi?

1. Go to settings. 2. go to the wifi menu at the top. 3. press the on button for wifi. If it has a picture of a lock next to it you need to put in a password (Click on it). (MORE)
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Can you use gps on iPhone without connecting to WiFi or any internet connection?

NOt likely unless you have a huge amount of memory on your iphone because all the locations and such are streaming information from the internet. But thinking of it again, may (MORE)
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Can you get an iPhone without the data plan I want to basically have an ipod touch with calling texting and a camera. I'll always be using WiFi but I need to know if I'll get charged extra.?

You can get an Iphone without the data plan. If you want calling, send and RECIEVE texts your gonna be using the Network of the phone company There is no way to call yet on a (MORE)
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Do iPhones use WIFI to connect to the internet?

\nYes. But they can also use EDGE (for older iPhones) and 3G (for the new 3G iPhone) to connect to the internet. However, Wi-Fi is free to use while your must pay extra in you (MORE)
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Iphone can call without internet access?

Yes it can but, the iphone needs the internet package otherwise your bill will be very high. The iphone is always connected to the internet , and to my knowledge ATT did not a (MORE)
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Can you use an iPhone without internet on it?

well, technically you can. i mean the iphone has wifi and all. so as long as you can find a place to connect to wifi you can download games on the iphone.
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How do you text with a iPod touch without wifi?

You can't. If you really want to text without WiFi though I suggest buying an iPhone. That's exactly why Apple came up with an iPhone anyways. For texting with WiFi though i (MORE)
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How do you get a free iPhone without using a credit card?

Use a debit card instead. jk. Why don't you try survey websites, where you complete surveys and they give you gifts in return. You do know that for some websites, even though (MORE)
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Does a iPhone use a SIM card?

yes its in the name i'PHONE' and all phones need sim cards This is 50% false... all phones do NOT use sim cards. Not even all iPhones use sim cards, the iPhone 4 (except for (MORE)
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Will an iphone WiFi work without a SIM card?

yeah it will my mom dropped hers and the screen cracked soshe got another and got tha simcard put in that one now i just get on myspace with it and play apps when i get bored (MORE)
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How do you use cydia without wifi?

you cant because cydia is stupid and wont let you because i hate cydia i spent 1 hour jailbraking with that stupid cydia thing and i cant even ues it
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Can you use eBay without a bank card?

You can but you need to set up a Paypal account and link it with your checking or savings account. Paypal will withdraw funds from your account and transfer to the Ebay seller (MORE)
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Can you use Internet on your apple product without wifi?

Yes but you need to have your smart phone with you. Smart phones allows to use the Internet with no wifi connection but smart phones can also transfer Internet to iPod touch, (MORE)