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Who where the Ik studied by?

The most well known study of the Ik was carried out by Colin Turnbull, who notoriously wrote an ethnography of the Ik entitled The Mountain People.
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What does IK mean?

Ik is a Punjabi word which basically meaning just one. There are quite a few meanings for this abbreviation, see related link below.... In Dutch, Ik means I
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What is ik?

It means I Know in texting/SMS/chat.
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What is ik and fk?

In 3d animation FK is Forward Kinematics and IK is Inverse Kinematics. Your better off looking up defenitions on your own. I could attempt to explain it but there's hundreds o (MORE)
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What are some words that end with ik?

ANSWER Beatnik, peacenik, sputnik, ANSWER words that end with ik: apparatchik. batik. battik. beatnik. beylik. boychik. comatik. computernik. crojik. dik. dik. gopik. ha (MORE)
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How many flavors of mike and Ikes are there?

Well there are 3. Regular, Wild Berry, And Tropical Typhoon. For those who didnt know, i recommend to try the wild berry or tropical typhoon if never tried before! :) very del (MORE)
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Which president had the slogan'' i Like Ike''?

The President with the I like Ike slogan was Howard.Taft EDIT: The correct president with the "I Like Ike" slogan was Eisenhower. His nickname was Ike.