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Who where the Ik studied by?

The most well known study of the Ik was carried out by Colin Turnbull, who notoriously wrote an ethnography of the Ik entitled The Mountain People.
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In subspace where is Ike?

In the room where you find Donkey Kong, the one with the golden platforms, at the very bottom where you first appear, go all the way to the left instead of the right. This tro ( Full Answer )
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Do you like Ike?

Yes I do actually, Even though he did violently beat Tina He plays a good guitar right, and Piano? This was in the past and Ike asked Tina for forgiveness so why cant we just ( Full Answer )
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What game is Ike and Marth from?

Marth and Ike are both in the Fire Emblem series, but are not inthe same game. Marth is in: Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo Fire Em ( Full Answer )
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Did hurricane Ike hit Texas?

Yes, flooding in Corpus Christ, to Houston's Sky Scrapers Windows being blown out.. I didn't hear it was in Corpus Christy.... It was in Galveston and it hit Houston good too ( Full Answer )
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Where did hurricane Ike hit?

Ike came ashore in Galvaston Texas, in the Gulf of Mexico. It traveled north through Houston, Texas and then curved north east through the country.
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Will hurricane Ike hit Michigan?

It will, but it will be very weak by then, probably no more than a storm.
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What category was hurricane ike?

at it's strongest point, a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 145 mph. at the time it made landfall in Texas, a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 110 mph. ( Full Answer )
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What places did hurricane Ike hit?

Texas to Ohio . I thought it was just in Galveston, TX and Houston but I could be wrong.... My family was just worried about Texas.... because Im in Arlington so we got a l ( Full Answer )
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Cause and effect for hurricane Ike?

The cause of hurricanes is basically the weather because the weather and wind determines weither a hurricane is going to occur. The wind is the driving force behind all the ho ( Full Answer )
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How wide was hurricane ike?

When Hurricane Ike hit the gulf coast of Texas, it had300-mile-wide wind field. Hurricane Ike dwarfed its predecessorsRita and Alicia in size and strength.
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When did Hurricane Ike make landfall?

Hurricane Ike hit Houston Texas on September 13, 2009. That was my big bros bday@
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What does IK mean?

Ik is a Punjabi word which basically meaning just one. There are quite a few meanings for this abbreviation, see related link below.... In Dutch, Ik means I
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What is ik and fk?

In 3d animation FK is Forward Kinematics and IK is Inverse Kinematics. Your better off looking up defenitions on your own. I could attempt to explain it but there's hundreds o ( Full Answer )
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What do girls Ike about boys?

Well (im a girl so i should know) Girls like what boys smell like so would put some deodrent on, they like the way u look but it really depends on what they like for instance ( Full Answer )
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What does Ike meen?

Ike is a nickname or abbreviation of the name Isaac, originally a Hebrew name meaning laughter.
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Do people Ike randy orton?

yes people like randy orton because the fans came to see randy not ted and Cody
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What are some words that end with ik?

ANSWER Beatnik, peacenik, sputnik, ANSWER words that end with ik: apparatchik. batik. battik. beatnik. beylik. boychik. comatik. computernik. crojik. dik. dik. gopik. ha ( Full Answer )
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How many flavors of mike and Ikes are there?

Well there are 3. Regular, Wild Berry, And Tropical Typhoon. For those who didnt know, i recommend to try the wild berry or tropical typhoon if never tried before! :) very del ( Full Answer )
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Is Roy related to Marth or Ike?

No. None of them are in the same game so they are not related toeach other
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Which president had the slogan'' i Like Ike''?

The President with the I like Ike slogan was Howard.Taft EDIT: The correct president with the "I Like Ike" slogan was Eisenhower. His nickname was Ike.
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What is the value of a gold Ike dollar?

It is just gold plated. These are very common and worth a dollar. The amount of actual gold is very small and doesn't add any value.
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What did you like ike mean?

Eisenhower's campaign slogan was "I like Ike". Ike was a nickname for Eisenhower. People who supported Eisenhower in the elections of 1952 and 1956 wore "I like Ike" buttons t ( Full Answer )
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Is mike and Ike breaking up?

no they are staying together they just had problems with their relationship but they are gettin back together and you have nothing to worry about.
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How do you get electr ike in soulsilver?

You can get one by trading or by the Safari Zone usins specialitems. In the Safari Zone you need to place 10 Plains objects in the RockyBeach area.
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Is Ike in fire emblem awakening?

Yes, he can be unlocked by either beating the DLC map Red vs. Blue (Decisive Battle), which has not yet been released in North America, or fighting or recruiting him from the ( Full Answer )
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Which movies has Ike Barinholtz starred in?

Known for Mad TV, Ike Barinholtz has also starred in some movies. He featured in Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans. He has not had any other notable roles.
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What w as the Aztec land Ike?

The Aztec land was joined by lots of different bridges and the Aztecs loved there land.
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What are IKE silver dollars worth?

In general, none of the Eisenhower dollars issued for circulation contain any silver or are worth more than face value. The Mint did make special collectors coins that are 40% ( Full Answer )
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What was the hurricane after hurricane Ike?

The next Atlantic hurricane after Ike was Kyle. However, the nextnamed storm after Ike was Tropical Storm Josephine, which did notreach hurricane strength.