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Who was the first major league baseball player to wear a number on his uniform?

Earle Combs number 1 . The answer to this question would have to be what team wore the first uniform numbers on their jersey, because no single player wore a number first w (MORE)
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Can major league baseball players wear number 42?

MLB permanently retired the #42 in 1997. However, they allowed anyone who was wearing #42 at the time to continue to wear it. Mariano Rivera of the Yankees is the only player (MORE)
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Do major league baseball players pay for their uniforms?

They don't. Baseball uniforms and all accessories are the expense of the team. Some exceptions may be an endorsement contract a player may have with gloves, batting gloves a (MORE)
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How did Major League Baseball players get their number?

The New York Yankess during the 1920s were the first team to place numbers on the backs of their players' jerseys. (They have never placed their names on their jerseys). Origi (MORE)
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What is the minimum number of plate appearances in a season a major league baseball player need to be considered for the rookie of the year award?

According to MLB, a rookie is "A player who hasn't accumulated 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in previous seasons and hasn't spent 45 or more days on 25-man active rosters, (MORE)