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How many workman comprehension claims can you file in the same state?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI would think after two you should be looking for a insurance fraud investigator to be trailing you.\n. \n . \n There are not limits to the filin (MORE)
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What is a comprehensive claim?

Answer 1 --Liability insurance vs comp. The quick answer is that you can have two types of car insurance. One kind called liability insurance only covers damage to another dr (MORE)
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What happens to cars left behind with pending repair cost?

In most states, vehicles may not be held "ransom" for the cost of repair. The repairer may take the owner to court and sue for any balances left for the repair and labor costs (MORE)
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If i need a loan for more than a car is worth how much money can i finance?

ATTN , I am a private investor i give out secured guarantee loans to Business Men and women who are into Business transaction,automobile purchase, house purchase loan and o (MORE)
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What happens when a car repair is more than the value of the car?

Typically if the cost of repairs exceeds 85% of the value of the car, the insurance company will offer to total your vehicle, because of the amount of time it takes to complet (MORE)
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How much does car repairs cost?

I hope this is a joke because of how broad of a question it is. The short answer is: it depends on the kind of repair. For example, lets say your mass airflow sensor goes bad (MORE)
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Can you return a car if sticker price they quote is more than the accual sticker price?

No. Sticker price is only a suggested retail price and if the dealer is able to sell the car for more it is just more money in his pocket. Unfortunately the issue falls back o (MORE)
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Why does it cost more to rent a tux than a car?

A car can still be sold even if its used, and a tux goes through tailoring and all that stuff. And tuxs are rented not as often as cars, especually on special occasions that a (MORE)
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If your adjusters check is more than the repair cost what do you do?

If there is recoverable depreciation involved in the claim then when you send your adjuster the invoice showing the amount for repairs was less, they will subtract the differe (MORE)
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Can you claim car repairs on your taxes?

Only if the car is used entirely for your self employment business purposes. Or, if it is used partly for your personal use and partly for your business purposes, you can p (MORE)
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Does car Insurance Cost more in the UK than the US?

Car insurance in the UK can potentially cost more than in the US, but it could also be the other way around. Both of these countries are divided into smaller states that each (MORE)
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What happens if you file two car insurance claims?

If you've had two separate accidents then your rates will go up again. If It's for the same accident as in trying to "get paid twice", it could be automatically declined be (MORE)
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What happens if car is totaled in chapter 13 but no claim was filed for the car?

A car is not totaled in a chapter 13. A car may be totaled while the owner is in a chapter 13. If the car was fully exempted, nothing happens. If you need to buy a new car, yo (MORE)
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What happens when you have to repair your car but it costs too much?

Thing about it, Is it really worth paying 2 or 3 thousands for the repair. Or is it just better to throw away the car, and if you have money get a new car into lease. But it a (MORE)
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What is the cost of repairing a car window?

Car window repair is generally much less expensive than replacement so long as the damage is small, and will vary depending on the type and extent of damage as well as the loc (MORE)
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What are the typical costs of repairing a car?

There are so many variables that will change the cost of repairing a car, from the age and make of the car to the exact nature of the problem.The only way to get a reliable qu (MORE)