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How many times can a debt be reported to your credit report?

Answer . Debts will only show on your credit report if it is underwritten by a "subscriber" (any company that reports your financial behavior). In this case it will be re (MORE)
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How do you put an add in the AIR force times?

Purchase a copy of the Air Force Times. There will be contactinformation listed. They cannot assist with graphic advertisementsas they are only a publication.
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How many air force ones are there?

There are two that the president uses currently, highly customized Boeing 747-200B series aircraft with serial numbers "28000" and "29000". That is sort of true, but not qu (MORE)
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Can a person with knock knee join the air force?

For commissioned rank they are very strict about this. People have been disqualified for this, but people can be seen in the service whose knees touches before their ankle. On (MORE)
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How many airplanes does the air force have?

Not an answer but which Air Force? US, UK, France, Germany, Japan?? . For the US Air Force, the Air Force Association publishes a magazine called "Air Force". Once a year, th (MORE)
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How many pilots are in the Air Force?

Its hard to tell the exact number but in percentage only 4% of all people in the Air Force are actually pilots.
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When was Watford Royal Air Force knocked down?

I don't believe there ever was an RAF Watford. The nearest name to that are Watton and Waddington. The RAF Museum is located near the town of Watford, but not known as RAF Wat (MORE)
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How many acronyms does the air force have?

There are to many to list but if I had to guess it would be the 100,000+ area... Every regulation, career field, and local members have their own acronyms.
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How many times has Barack Obama used Air Force One for personal use?

It is difficult to answer this question because no president uses Air Force One exclusively for personal use. The president is the leader of our country, and he requires speci (MORE)
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Where is the Air Force Times located?

The Air Force Times is a printed and online news agency that serves the Air Force members and their families. It is located at Gannett Government Media, 6882 Commercial Dr., S (MORE)