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What happened in the last episode of 'Will and Grace'?

Skip forward about 18 years. Jack is supporting Karen and they both look the same. Grace's child meets Will's adopted child at beginning of college and they skip out on the th (MORE)
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Why did the fabulous tv series saving grace end?

have no idea why it was canceled.. but I have just watched the complete series on netflix . And now I dream about grace.. what a powerful last show.. I hate that she died! I c (MORE)
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When did the final episode of The Closer air on TNT?

The last episode of the Turner Network Television (TNT) drama The Closer was shown on August 13th, 2012. Starring Kyra Sedgwick, the show ran from 2005 for seven seasons.
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When was the final episode of the television series Garo?

Garo's final episode aired in Japan on March 31, 2006. This television series was a Japan-exclusive 'tokusatsu' show. 'Tokusatsu' shows are live-action shows with a heavy reli (MORE)