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When is Star Trek Online coming out?

Unfortunately, it's not coming out at all. The game was officially cancelled on January 14 of this year, and all the developers who had been working on the game were fired on (MORE)
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Why is Star Trek online not coming out?

It has been cancelled ans swapped around a bit, but now there is a game studio; cryptec, who is continuing to work on the project:D. Site: Ba (MORE)
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What year did Star Trek come out?

The very first episode of Star Trek that premiered was on September 8, 1966. It starred Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner
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When does Star Trek come out on DVD?

Typically DVDs come out from 4-6 months after the movie is out of theaters. I would say the DVD will be here around November.
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When is Star Trek mmo coming out?

The relise date has not been anounced, However feel free to check out to keep up to date on the information, But rumour has it it will be coming out in (MORE)
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When did Star Trek armada come out?

Release date of Star Trek Armada is February 29, 2000. Star Trek Armada is a RTS video game from Activision.
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Where should you go February 2010?

In Feburary 2010 you should go to university to educate yourself. Education is important and the timing is perfect as there is a lack of available employment due to the rece (MORE)
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Will simple plan do a tour in 2010?

They most certainly will! Actually there are already few dates announced. Simple Plan will be performing on the Bamboozle Roadshow in the USA in June and they are also confir (MORE)
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How come you have to pay for Star Trek online?

Two reasons... 1. Primarily because Cryptic and Atari want to make a lot of money 2. Secondarily because it costs some money to maintain the servers and content
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Is Star Tours still open?

not the original ride but there is a new one that came out on June, 3 2011 called star tours the next generation with 50 different places to travel to
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When did Star Trek Generation come out?

'Star Trek: The Next Generation' aired from September 28, 1987 - May 23, 1994 . "Star Trek Generations" was released in 1994 . It was the 7th feature film based on the TV (MORE)
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Will Star Trek ever come back?

I hope so, they could do wonders with the Dominion, Borg, Cardassians, and Romulans. They need a captain like Picard or Cisko. With a kick ass NEW galaxy classed star ship. Ne (MORE)
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How did the q come to be in Star Trek?

If you're asking for the "in-universe" answer... the "Q" are eternal, so they have always existed since the universe began. But they didn't find it necessary to test humanity (MORE)
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Is Star Trek still on TV?

As of 2013, the original Star Trek series is shown on MeTV. This is secondary channel in many parts of the country.