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Which is better GED or High School Diploma?

I feel that i doesn't matter as long as you have some type of education and getting a GED doesn't mean your a dropout or quit it could probably mean it was the best thing for (MORE)
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Can you get both your GED and your high school diploma?

Visit the official GED Testing Service website at for more information or call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center (MORE)
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In Missouri can you get your GED and your high school diploma?

Having both accomplishes nothing and will not suffice for any "additional credits" or special ranking. You get one or the other ... in the working world, they each mean the sa (MORE)
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Can you go to college without a GED or High School Diploma?

It depends on the college's admission policies, but in general, yesyou can. I know in the state of CA all you have to do is prove you are over18 and take the placement testin (MORE)
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Jobs that you don't need a high school diploma or Ged?

Most trades do not require a high school diploma, but you must often enter a trade school. They are usually 2 month courses and between $1000- 3000. Some careers that you can (MORE)
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How do you convert a GED to a high school diploma?

Lighthouse Christian Academy in St Augustine Fl. You will have to do course work. It is like 70.00. They can give you a regular high school diploma the military recognizes.
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Do you have to have a high school diploma or GED to be a pharmacy tech?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for a pharmacy technician. Most pharmacy techn (MORE)
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Does McDonald's take a high school diploma or a GED?

Yes do to the lake of fat people in the stats we should elimantat gym and build a brand new mcdonalds in there cafaterria. we should take some interest in this because canadia (MORE)
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Do high school drop outs do better than people with high school diplomas?

NO! In almost every measurable way they do not do anywhere near as well. They tend to live shorter and less healthy lives. They make about 1/2 the income of a high school grad (MORE)
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Do collegeS accept GED as well as high school diploma?

You will need to check with a particular college to see if it accepts a GED instead of a High School Diploma. If you are 18 and get kicked out of high school and then get your (MORE)
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Is it better to get high school diploma or GED?

High School Diploma. When Employers look at your diploma and they see that you completed school and gave fourth more effort. When they see a GED they see that you gave up and (MORE)
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Who is better GED or high school diploma?

They're supposed to be equivalent, but a GED is basically a huge neon sign that reads "I couldn't handle high school." You'd better have a good story prepared to tell why you (MORE)
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Do you get a high school diploma when you get your GED?

A GED is a type of high school diploma.... Most people that have these are dropouts who decided they needed something... this makes it look bad on paper, unfortunately. Exampl (MORE)
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How much harder is it to get into college with a GED than with a high school diploma?

For most colleges it is not much harder at all, and in many it is about the same difficulty. You will want to have good GED scores though. Remember that just as with a high sc (MORE)