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Is dizziness a symptom of pregnancy?

\n Answer \n. \n. \nYou can certainly be dizzy when you are pregnant, in fact it is very common, but in the absence of other symptoms it is not diagnostic as so many oth (MORE)
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What are dizziness and heart palpitations symptoms of?

It could be high blood pressure. . It could also be due to heart problems arising from another illness, such as hypothyroidism. It's best to have blood tests and some EKGs r (MORE)
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What are the symptoms of a diabetic?

Diabetes . Glucose is the energy giver in the blood though blood contains some other sugar components like fructose, lactose, galactose etc apart from glucose. . The (MORE)
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Is feeling dizzy a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes, dizziness can be a symptom of pregnancy but it can be caused by lots of other things. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test
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What are 5 symptoms of diabetes?

Some symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes (also known as Juvenile Diabetes) are:. 1. Frequent urination. 2. Sudden weight loss. 3. Blurred vision. 4. Fatigue. 5. Feeling sick. So (MORE)
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What are symptoms of diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes Mellitus comes in two common forms, Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (or Type 1 Diabetes) and Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitues (Type 2 Diabetes). (There is (MORE)
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What is symptom of dizziness?

Your head feels light, your vision might become blurry. You might feel like you are going to faint or pass out. You might become unbalanced and stumble or fall.
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Is dizziness a symptom of asthma?

Asthma is characterized by inflammation of the bronchial tubes withincreased production of sticky secretions inside the tubes. Peoplewith asthma experience symptoms when the a (MORE)
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Does dizziness have anything to do with diabetes?

Dizziness is one of the symptoms of having low blood sugars and sometimes low blood sugars. However, every person reacts differently. If you are getting dizzy and you think it (MORE)
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What are the symptoms of diabetics?

Frequent urination Drink a lot of water or other liquids/ excessive thirst Very hungry Shakiness after eating Fatigue, often tired all the time Weight-loss These are for typ (MORE)
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Whats the symptoms of hamster diabetes?

The symptoms are Drinkingexcessively Urinating more often and largeramounts (urine may smell like nail polish remover) Increased appetite Sudden weight loss or gain Sleep (MORE)
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Give the symptoms for diabetes Mellitus?

The most common symptom is the diabetes triad. The 3 P's namelyPolyuria or excessive urination, Polydypsia or excessive thirst andPolyphagia or excessive hunger.
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What are classic symptoms of diabetes?

Fatigue. Frequent urination. Irratability. Drastic weight gain/loss. Change in eating behavior. Nausea. Rapid heart beat. Headaches. No energy.
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What is the symptoms of diabetics?

You lose a lot of weight, you are tired all the time, you are very dizzy, there is tingling or numbness in your hand or feet, you are very thirsty, you pee a lot, you can have (MORE)
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Are dizziness and fatigue diabetes symptoms?

Yes. If the blood sugar count becomes too high or low, it feels like all of the energy is drained from your body. That is because the insulin, which diabetics cannot produce p (MORE)
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What are the symptoms associated with the onset of diabetes?

Diabetes is actually a long process. At first, when the pancreas begins to ware out, you start to feel sick, probably like a common cold. However, over time, you start to feel (MORE)
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What are the symptoms for gestational diabetes?

It can be difficult to determine if you have gestational diabetesfrom symptoms alone. Some common ones are fatigue, thirst andpossibly yeast infections (because of higher suga (MORE)
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What are symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus?

Both type 1 (insulin-dependent/"juvenile * ") and type 2 (non-insulin dependent/"adult onset*") diabetes mellitus, if uncontrolled, can present initially with an abnormal i (MORE)
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Why is excessive urine a symptom of diabetes?

Excessive urine is a symptom of High blood sugar. The body will pull fluids from the body to "wash" out the extra sugar in the blood. Usually in this case the individual will (MORE)
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What should you do if you have most of the symptoms of diabetes?

You should go to the doctor immediately and ask them to check your blood sugar count. It only takes a finger prick. Do not wait too long though. If your blood sugar becomes to (MORE)
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Are mood swings Diabetes symptoms?

Absolutely. I believe that it mostly comes from aggrivation from having diabeties. I am diagnosed with this disease, and I only experience mood swings when my blood sugar coun (MORE)
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How severe do diabetes symptoms have to be before you have diabetes?

well if you have the symptoms, you MIGHT have the disease. If you think you have diabetes see your doctor right away. It's best no to wait for the symptoms severe because many (MORE)
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What is diabetes and what are the symptoms?

diabetes is when the pancreas doesnt make insulin at all, doesnt make enough insulin or the body is resistant to insulin. some of the signs and symptoms are as fallows: — (MORE)
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How can you get diabetes symptoms?

You get diabetes. Answer- Some common symptoms of diabetes are excessive urination, excessive thirst, weight loss, extreme hunger, fatigue, blurred vision, feeling of na (MORE)
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What can dizzy spells be a symptom of?

Dizzy spells can indicate many different medical concerns. Some common medical concerns are inner ear problems, headaches or migraines and blood pressure issues.