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Could it hurt to pee if you are pregnant?

I can't say for sure it isn't a sign of pregnancy but probably it's a beginning Urinary Tract Infection. UTI's can be common while having vigorous or prolonged sex. Maybe you' (MORE)
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Is it still possible that you can get pregnant if the sperm is coming out after sex when you urinate?

Answer . \nYES. Each time a man ejaculates he releases aprox 300,000 sperm. One drop can contain thousands. And once he cums in you the rest will fall out. It only takes 45 (MORE)
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Your boyfriend ejaculated inside of you but you peed right after can you still get pregnant?

Yes of course. There are MILLIONS of sperm that enter you. . Pee comes from different pipe so would sperms are not cleaned. Take contraceptive pills.. Of course you can get (MORE)
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If you had unprotected sex 3 days after your period and your boyfriend ejaculated inside you but then you went to go pee what are the chances that you could become pregnant?

Counting days is notoriously unreliable as a contraceptive. A full 19% of women using rythm methods will get pregnant within a year. Going to pee doesn't do a thing to reduce (MORE)
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If a girl pees after 2 second sex and you dont ejaculate can she be pregnant?

The quick answer is yes. A man does not have to ejaculate to impregnate a woman. Sometimes there is semen inside of a man's "pre-cum" or natural lubricant. That alone is enoug (MORE)
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If you had a condom inside you could you still pee?

If you are meaning you are having sex and you have a guy on top of you with his dick inside you then the answer is no you can not pee. If you do you will be peeing on the guys (MORE)
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Can you still be pregnant if you don't pee a lot?

Yes. Until the baby gets big enough to put pressure on the bladder, (usually 2-3 months) you generally won't notice much difference in the frequency of urination.
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Can you still get pregnant after peeing the semen out?

No, you can get no longer pregnant AFTER you pee but BEFORE while the semen is in the pee, there you CAN get pregnant (when the two are mixed) Also please be informed that you (MORE)