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Can you take the pill septra while pregnant?

The pill septra is an antibiotic and should only be used in pregnancy when completely necessary. It should not really be used near full term but your Doctor is the best person (MORE)
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Are birth control pills harmful?

Not today. In the beginning when it first came there were risks but today it's safe. it's important you tell the doctor your medical history though since there are different t (MORE)
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Where do you get birth control pills?

You would get birth control pills from your pharmacy. Your doctor would have to prescribe them. But you might be able to get them from a family planning clinic like Planned Pa (MORE)
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Which birth control pill is best for you?

The one that gives you as less or no side effects as possible. If experiencing things like massive headaches, nausea, mood swings... you're probably not using the right one. T (MORE)
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Who invented the birth control pill?

A number of scientists were instrumental in the development of the birth control pill, including Carl Djerassi, Gregory Pincus, John Rock, and Frank Colton. I think it was Lui (MORE)
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Can i get birth control pills at the drug store?

never try to get birth control pills from over the counter.... Pills has many side effects & contraindications which must be looked for by some tests & lab investigations befo (MORE)
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Is the drug septra safe for children?

Provided the child is more than a few months old, does not have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD), and is not allergic to sulfonamides - then yes, Septra is (MORE)
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Interaction between Prednisone and birth control?

There has been some studies showing an interaction between the two medications, resulting in increase of prednisone in your body. This increase in prednisone may cause unwante (MORE)
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What is yaz birth control pill?

Well it's not the same as the morning after pill.It is not a contraceptive that can be taken regularly For yaz to work you have to take it long term a least a week 7 pills.Fo (MORE)
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What is the difference between the white and green birth control pills?

The white pills are inactive hormones which is when you're off your period. And the green pills are active hormones and these you usually take when you are going through your (MORE)
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What is the connection between birth control pills and yeast infections?

There is no direct link between taking birth control pills and getting yeast infections, but some studies do suggest that women who take the pill are at a slightly greater ris (MORE)
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What are the interactions with a hormonal IUD and birth control pills?

There are no clinical situations I can imagine that would require the hormonal IUD and birth control pills. Taken together, they are providing more progestin than is required (MORE)