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Natural herbs for psorasis?

Answer . i find evening primrose oil capsules help, 3 a day, 1000mg strength, available from health food stores, or chemists
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What can i take for natural herbs for longer erection?

Mix 3tsp oregano with 6 mint leaves, add 2Tbsps of tobasco sauce and smear over your erection. Mind you, I don't personally know of ANY woman who would be willing to have i (MORE)

Is there a natural herb to take for a sluggish thyroid?

Sea Kelp . Hypothyroidism is caused by combination of mineral deficiency and heavy metal toxicity (frequently mercury from dental fillings). Useful minerals are magnesium an (MORE)
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What is the best herb for a natural high?

Marijuana, pot, weed, grass....whatever you call it its natural and gets you high. Drugs are substances that you have to do something refine or extract. Herb grows a (MORE)

What nature herbs cures for Arthritis?

The inflammation of the joint, popularly known as "arthritis" canbe cured by various natural herbs. Some of them are as follows: . Alfalfa (Medicago saliva) . Angelica (An (MORE)

What Natural herbs get you high?

There are many legal natural highs, and many can be bought fromlocal places or online, nutmeg, salvia, cayenne are just a few toname. The spice range (Spice, spice gold ect... (MORE)

Can natural herbs help get pregnant?

Natural herbs can help you in increasing your chances of pregnancy.There are various herbs and supplements available that can boost your chances conceiving.Natural herbs incre (MORE)

What is a good natural thyroid remedy?

Sea Kelp or Kelp - A Natural Source Iodine necessary for the thyroid A great natural thyroid remedy is one where you are taking natural supplements to help your thyroid and (MORE)

What is a sluggish?

The word sluggish means: . Displaying little movement or activity; slow; inactive: a sluggish stream; sluggish growth. . Lacking alertness, vigor, or energy; inert or indo (MORE)

What natural herb can you take to fight the flu?

You can try Golden seal/Echenasia combination if you are sick now (I may have spelled it wrong but close) two weeks on two weeks off. You should not take it more two months at (MORE)

What are some natural herbs you can use or take for valley fever?

Milder cases of Valley fever usually go away on their own. Many people choose to treat the flu like symptom with the usual herbal remedies for colds and flu. I recommend y (MORE)
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What treatment do you take for an overactive thyroid?

There are a number of different conditions which can result in an overactive thyroid (officially known as hyperthyroidism) and therefore a number of different treatments. In m (MORE)
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Can you take Ibuprofen with your thyroid medication?

Prescribed thyroid medication will state on the bottle the proper way to take it, as directed by a doctor. Typically it will say to take one tablet in the morning, on an empty (MORE)
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Can you get pregnant if you take thyroid med?

Yes, you can get pregnant while taking thyroid medicines. Low or high thyroid levels may cause fertility problems, but providing everything else is alright and your thyroid ho (MORE)