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Is workers compensation responsible for your gas in your vehicle when visiting doctors and physical therapy visits?

It depends on what state your claim is in. In some states, WC will pay for your travel to and from doctor/PT appointments. They pay a set amount per mile, and that amount is d (MORE)
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If you become disabled on the job and are collecting workers compensation does social security pick up or is workers compensation payments for life and are they taxed?

This is a complex questions. Workers' compensation payments are seldom life-time benefits, they normally are for a fixed period of time. Workers' compensation benefits are not (MORE)
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In what states is workers compensation the exclusive remedy for an injured worker?

I have been lightly researching this question for several years and am about to give it much more attention. The "exclusive remedy" laws were formulated in the early 20th cent (MORE)
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Which states are Workers Compensation Monopolistic States?

North Dakota, Ohio, Washington & Wyoming. Also, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are monopolistic, and AZ, CA, CO, ID, MD, MI, MN, MT, NY, OK, OR, PA & UT are option stat (MORE)
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Do corporations have to supply workers compensation for employees in the state of California?

Yes, in California failure to have workers' compensation coverage is a criminal offense. In fact, the California Labor Code makes it a misdemeanor punishable by either a fine (MORE)
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Can a doctor write prescriptions in a state in which he is not licensed?

No and yes. A doctor can only write prescriptions if he or she is physically in the state in which he is licensed. If the doctor is calling in a prescription to a pharmacy, ob (MORE)
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Which states don't require workers compensation?

All states require WC, but there is some confusion because some have exemptions or because Texas makes the *insurance* voluntary. Texas is the only voluntary state.. Even wit (MORE)
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What state had workers compensation first?

Washington and Kansas enacted the first constitutional workers' compensation laws effective March 14, 1911. They were followed by Nevada on March 24, 1911, New Jersey on April (MORE)
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Is a POA deemed liable?

The Power of Attorney has a fiduciary duty to the grantor. If they mismanage funds or make poor decisions they can be held liable.
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When Colorado was declared a state?

August 1, 1876, the year when America was celebrating its centennial, or 100th birthday (hence Colorado's nickname being The Centennial State)
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What doctors see out of state workers compensation patients in Puerto Rico?

Insurance is extremely imaortpnt. You will need Commercial Liability coverage to protect yourself in case of damage done to a client's property. It would be a good idea to hav (MORE)