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What does Isabelle mean?

The French name Isabelle is from Hebrew (Isabel) and means "God is my Oath." It also means that you are consecrated, or sacred, to God.
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What does Isabel mean?

ISABEL Gender: Feminine Usage: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German Pronounced: ee-sah-BEL (Spanish) , ee-za-BEL (French) , IZ-ə-bel (English) , ee-zah ( Full Answer )
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Who were the children of Isabel Sodr?

isabel sodr has three kids i heard one is paulo da gama ,the faumous vasco da gama , and also she has another son but i never saw his name. anywhere!!!!! . thankyou and go ( Full Answer )
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What desert did Isabelle Eberhardt explore?

Isabelle Eberhardt was a Swiss explorer. She spent most of her lifein Algeria and explored the Sahara Desert, dying in a flash floodat the age of 27.
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Where does the name isabel come from?

It is the Spanish form of the Hebrew name "Elisheba". This name means something like "God's promise". The first Elisheba in the Bible was the wife of Aaron. This was also th ( Full Answer )
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Who was Isabel Lichtenstein?

The wife of Roy Lichtenstein. (They divorced in 1965) He was a famous pop artist.
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Where was Isabelle Allende from?

Isabelle Allende was born in Perú, but she considers herself to be Chilean. Allende spent most of her childhood and young adult life in Chile, and she identifies herself ve ( Full Answer )
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Who is Isabel Caldwell?

This Isabel Caldwell? She's from North Carolina and used to work for WFMY News 2's Good Morning Show
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Who was isabel maddison?

Isabel Maddison was born in Cumberland, England. Her mother and father were Mary Anderson and John Maddison. After school Maddison attended the University of South Wales in Mo ( Full Answer )
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Who was Isabelle Agerbak?

Isabelle Agerbak was Heather Cartwright's best friend and she will always be forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever ( Full Answer )
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Who is isabel woolger?

she is a minor actress from England who has been in quite a few movies...she is also dating Robert pattinson... some movies she has been in are: the last king of Scotland, wi ( Full Answer )
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What did Isabel Sumner do?

One Isabel Sumner was a girl, with whom John Wilkes Booth had a short-lived romance in 1864. They wrote letters and sent each other photographs.\nJohn Wikles Booth was Abraham ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your friend isabel is anorexic?

That can be a very difficult situation. Before you say anything, you really do need to know for certain that they have anorexia, borderline, or some other form of an eating di ( Full Answer )
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What does isabelle fuhrman weigh?

i would say as a massive fan of Isabelle fuhrman probably the biggest she is about 54 or 56 not to big at all she is perfect and who cares who she weighs i certainly don't lov ( Full Answer )
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Saint Isabel of France died when?

The only sister of Saint Louis IX was born in March 1225 and died February 23, 1270, of natural causes. .
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Does Isabelle Fuhrman have any brothers?

No, Isabelle does not have any brothers, but she does have an older Sister named Madeline Fuhrman, aged 16.
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Who is Isabel in Esperanza Rising?

Isabel is Esperanza's friend, who she met at the Mexican camp and who she lives with. Hope that helps!
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Does isabelle fuhrman have a celebrity crush?

No she doesn't. According to her, and I quote: "I don't have one, they are all just regular people who like to express their interest and hobby the same way I do" and "I do ( Full Answer )
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How many ways to spell Isabelle?

about 22. isabelle, isabell, isabel isobelle isaboll isaball izabell and many many more!:) PEACE OUTTER! (/|\)
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Will Phineas ever notice isabelle?

I don't think so!! He always acts like he doesn't know! But it's PRETTY obvious...
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Who is Katharine Isabelle?

Katharine Isabelle is a Canadian actress. She is known for the movies Ginger Snaps, American Mary, and Insomnia.
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What is St. Isabel a saint for?

There are at least 6 saints named Isabel so you would need to be more specific for an answer.
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How did St. Isabel of France die?

Blessed Isabella of France died February 23, 1270, of natural causes. She is not yet a saint.
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How did Isabelle Fuhrman become famous?

She was pretty and people took pictures of her and she would smile a lot? (Different Person): She became famous because her big sister Madeline Fuhrman auditioned for roles f ( Full Answer )
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Does isabelle stern speak french?

Well, she is from Montreal, QC which is a French speaking country. I believe she can speak French somewhat fluently. She also speaks English.
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Who was Isabelle in A Christmas Carol?

The name isn't used in that format in the original story. The nameBelle is used and she was Scrooge's betrothed.
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Who is isabel duarte?

Isabella Duarte was a 21 year old that died in a car accident. She was hit by Phil Lewis, yes the actor from suite life on deck. Isabel duarte is also a 51 year old lawyer.
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Who Isabel Sumner?

Isabel Sumner was one of the women that John Wilkes Booth fell inlove with. John, being at 26 years of age, and Isabel, at 16, had asummer affair. They sent eachother letters ( Full Answer )
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Who is boyfriend of isabelle fuhrman?

she likes alexander ludwig a little i guess i think i saw pictures) No she did that for a movie) anyway she wouldnt like him because he's dating glimer)
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What is a Jason isabel?

Jason Isbell is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Green Hill, Alabama, near Muscle Shoals. He was born on February 1, 1979 in Greenhill, Al. He is currently 34 years ol ( Full Answer )
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Is Isabelle a vampire?

yes isabelle is a vampire she was begging damon to turn her and damon did!