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What is the difference between ihrem ihrer and ihren in German?

The possessive pronoun. Answer . The word ihr is a possessive pronoun and can mean her or their .. It belongs to this group of pronouns:. mein - my (mine) . dein (MORE)

Woher hat die sturmmaske ihren namen?

Woher hat die Sturmmaske ihren Namen? translates as where did the balaclava get its name from? The balaclava was a knitted head covering first issued to British troops (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Das wirkliche Blau - 1986?

The cast of Das wirkliche Blau - 1986 includes: Marijam Agischewa as Luisa Werner Dissel Fernando Gallardo Pedro Hebenstreit Horst Hiemer Peter Kalisch Ursula Karusseit Blanch (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Die wirkliche Liebe - 1937?

The cast of Die wirkliche Liebe - 1937 includes: Nora Brand Hans Brausewetter as Hans Hofmann Colette Corder as Rita Merk Lisl Kinast as Anneli Katja Pahl Leo Peukert as Kapel (MORE)