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What muscles are used in the jab?

Answer . Chest, tricep, shoulder, possibly hips (if jabber turns waist to put more power into it), possibly quadricep of rear leg (if jabber pushes off of back leg).
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Can you get measles if you have had the MMR jab?

When you get the MMR, your body is supposed to be immune to the measles due to developing an antibody (like a cell marker) to be on standby of the virus measles ever returns. ( Full Answer )
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Do jabs hurt?

Not too badly, and very briefly. don't be tense because it wil hurt more, just try to relaxe i know it's hard but just try. and eat breakfast that morning.
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What is the T.B jab for?

the t.b jab is to stop people from getting Tuberculosis a disease that effects the lungs and in the long term makes you die. People now don't get the TB jab in England, only i ( Full Answer )
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Does the TB jab hurt?

no not at all the first one might because you cart realy look away and you feel it for the first time but the second one is fine i had it about 9 months ago it will scare your ( Full Answer )
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Cervical cancer jab why should you have it?

It is the 3rd most common cancer and having the jab can protect you from 70% of it and can save 100's of lives a year! I had mine yesterday! I am 12 nearly 13! I am in year 8 ( Full Answer )
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What is jabs the nation?

J ordan A nthony B aker- S wain the nation JABS the nation the legacy in australia buu yeeh
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Do swine-flu jabs hurt?

It probably varies from person to person. I had one and although the injection itself didn't hurt my arm did feel tender and bruised for the next three or four days.
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When does a puppy get its jabs?

Usually this happens around 8 weeks then another at 10 weeks. A yearly booster is required thereafter. This is an ideal time to get your puppy microchipped as well!
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Does tetanus jab hurt a lot?

No it doesnt. When I was having it done I looked the other way, and I did not feel a thing! I turned around and it was out, I was shocked! Lol. :) :P
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What is a move Poison Jab?

the movePoisen Jab can be learned most famously by Croagunk and Toxicroak, and is a Poison type Physicle attack with around 90 power and 100 accuracy. hope i helped!
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When do you have to get a tetanus jab?

A tetnus shot is good for 10 years unless there is an exposure in which you will most likely get one in between 5 and 10 years
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Can you get the flu jab if you have a cold?

Usually it is not a problem to get a flu vaccination with a mild illness such as a common cold, however, you should not get it if you have a fever. Wait for a full 24 hours af ( Full Answer )
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Can you go swimming after a flu jab?

yes. medically there is no affiliation with going in the water and a flu. its human nature to assume that the water is cold hence increase the persons cold/flu.
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Where can you get a flu jab?

If you are in the UK, contact your primary care physician. If you are in the US, you can get flu vaccinations at most large national pharmacy chains and many local pharmaci ( Full Answer )
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Who is Carolyn Jabs?

Carolyn Jabs is an award-winning journalist and author. She writes Growing Up Online, a column about families and technology, which appears in many regional parenting publicat ( Full Answer )
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Where does the Swine Flu jab go?

In adults and children with adequate muscular structure, the intramuscular injection is usually put in the upper arm. Those with lack of adequate muscle in that location, such ( Full Answer )
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Where can you read jab comix for free?

There are very many websites that you can read Jab comics onlinefor free. Here are a few as listed:,, and
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What are the chances of dying from the TB jab?

very slim.the only way you would die from it is if you have a illness then have the jab the two could mix together to form deadly virises that there is still no cure for.
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What does the Hindi word jab mean?

the word jab means when as a statement. When you are saying when as a question (when are we going to meet?) you say Kab. When you are saying when as a statement (when we met) ( Full Answer )
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What is myxomatosis jab?

It is a vaccination given to rabbits. Myxomatosis is a disease that rabbits can contract, which is caused by a virus and spread by biting insects. Most rabbits die within 14 d ( Full Answer )
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What to think about when having a jab?

just talk casually to the person giving it to you about something general, like what you're doing on the weekend? they dont hurt very much & before you know it, it will be ove ( Full Answer )
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Why is tetunus jab effective?

it helps fight diseases and helps prevent, fight and cure infections from a cut or graze or knee.. Tetanus is an immunisation injection against the disease lockjaw (Tetanus). ( Full Answer )
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What is the field in pipe fitter jab?

if we have a triangle on consist a 20 degree and his base 150.pleas tel me other two side measurement .
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When do ferrets have there jabs?

Ferrets bought from pet stores should have received a temporary distemper vaccination at 6 weeks of age , and you need to schedule a series of appointments with your veterinar ( Full Answer )
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What is a boxing jab?

A jab is a straight punch delivered with the lead hand... If you are in a proper stance, this would be the hand closer to your opponent. For a right handed fighter, the jab is ( Full Answer )
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When was hi jab ordained?

We have some verses in Qur'an that said Hijab is obligatory for Muslims. (e.g. 24:31, 33: 59). So we know Hijab was obligatory since these verses has been sent down at least. ( Full Answer )
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Do cats have to have jabs?

Yes. There are many different fatal diseases that cats can get, and an annual vaccination will help protect them.
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What is the meaning of jabbed?

To poke ( someone or an animal ) hardly. #lol#Aswome#now you know#i can't stop .
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What is the NEBOSH main jab in UK?

The main job of NEBOSH is to make sure that all chemicals used in businesses are used safely and properly. They provide training in proper handling of cleaning materials and v ( Full Answer )