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Does Lil' JJ have a girlfriend?

\n Lil' JJ Dating Status \n. \n . YES LIL' JJ HAS A GIRLFRIEND.\n . \n. \n Answer \n. \nNO!.
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Who is jj redick?

J.J. Redick is perhaps the best pure shooter to ever play college. He is a three year veteran out of Duke who holds the NCAA record for most three pointers made all time, at 4 ( Full Answer )
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Is jj hardy in a relationship?

Yes, he is. He is going out with a woman called Beth. Check it on wikipedia.
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What did JJ Thompson discover about atoms?

1 st Experiment :. He constructed a Cathode Ray and concluded that the negative charge was inseparable from the rays.. 2 nd Experiment: . He investigated whether or not t ( Full Answer )
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Does lil jj have bebo?

Possibly but if it doesnt say official under the photo then it is probably fake.
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Who is JJ Cortez?

Veteran agent and former co-owner of two top ten agencies, Next Model Management and New York Model Management, JJ Cortez has enjoyed an enduring presence in the International ( Full Answer )
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What did jj Thomas do?

I suspect you want J J Thomson. 1856-1940. Discovered the electron and isotopes, invented mass spectrometer.
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What did jj Thomson invent?

JJ. Thomson discovered that atoms can be cut. He found this out while studying rays traveling between charged metal plates in a vacuum tube. He discovered that the rays were c ( Full Answer )
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What did jj tomson discover?

J.J.Thomas discovered that atoms have negatively charged particles called electrons. He discovered this using the Cathode Ray. The cathode ray is a beam of electrons emitted ( Full Answer )
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What was JJ Thomson's model of the atom?

according to jj thomsons model of an atom,an atom consists of a positively charged sphere with electrons in it.however,it was later found that positively charged particles res ( Full Answer )
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What does jj mean?

In textspeak, JJ (Just Joking) is used synonymously with JK (Just Kidding). The letters JJ are an initialism, which could be used for names such as John Jay, Jesse James, J ( Full Answer )
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What is an important quote by JJ Thompson?

Could anything at first sight seem more impractical than a body which is so small that its mass is an insignificant fraction of the mass of an atom of hydrogen?
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Who is JJ Thorne?

Justin Joseph Thorne (J.J.) is a former band member of boy band NLT (Not Like That.) And is now a current band member for new boy band One Call.
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Who is sir jj?

JJ stands for Sir Jamsetji Jeejeebhoy. Here's some information of his great benevolence.. Jamsetji Jeejeebhoy was born in Bombay in 1783 in a poor family. His father's profes ( Full Answer )
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What was JJ Thompson's experiment about?

His most famous was the Cathode Ray Experiment. It was about electrical discharges in partially evacuated tubes (cathode-ray tubes). Found that when high voltage was applied ( Full Answer )
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JJ Austen Co Chicago?

I have a picture under glass called The Eaves Dropper Copyright 1900 , by JJ Austen and CB or GB Chicago ...
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Why was jj demon in jail?

JJ Demon was in jail for armed robbery. He didn't get charged for being armed though.
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What does jj mean on a tire?

It is the tire manufacture plant code. JJ means the tire was manufactured by Nexen Tire Company in the city of Laixishis the state of Quingdao in the country of China.
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Is JJ Racaza filipino?

Yes. He was born in Cebu, Philippines. Now resides in NJ but still speaks cebuano fluently.
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JJ criminal minds?

Supervisory Special Agent and former media liaison Jennifer Jareau is a team member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. She has a son named Henry. She is played by A.J. Cook.
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What were JJ Thomson's discovery?

J.J. Thompson worked to develop the atomic theory. He discovered that atoms have separate negative and positive material. Before him, it was widely believed that atoms were ju ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get jj snacks?

You ask were can i buy jj snacks and i no what your thinking i love them two and i wanted to get some two so i typed in jj and the website came up and you can buy a ( Full Answer )
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Who is jj tompson?

He is the one who discovered electrons , isotopes and invented the mass spectrometer .
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Does JJ watt have a girlfriend?

JJ Watt does not have a girlfriend. He thinks it is most importantto spend his time building a football career. He says he does nothave time for a social life.
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What is jj demons real name?

the first J stands for john i think it might be john jr. not surebut he has the song johnny which is about him so his name is john ijust dont know the other J or his last name ( Full Answer )
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What is JJ doing?

JJ is reading a book called some dog facing towards the netball courts while his mother is listening! He is located 30m away from mounties.
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Does JJ like J?

well see i ts complicated he says shes hot but he doesn't have the nerve to ask her out so i would say JJ is a nervous chicken......... but J really loves him..... she might h ( Full Answer )
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Why is jj gone from criminal minds?

On the show: JJ became pregnant in real life with her first child,& the show wrote her pregnancy into the script. She eventuallywent on maternity leave. Her son on television ( Full Answer )
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Did JJ and Madeleine savive the titanic?

Madeleine Astor survived because a lifeboat being lowered took her on at the last minute after her husband said she was 5 months pregnant. Sadly, John Jacob Astor perished
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When did JJ Thomson do stuff about the atom?

Thomson did much of his most important work in the late 1800's. His famous cathode ray experiments where conducted in 1897.
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What films has JJ Abrams directed?

JJ Abrams has produced and directed many notable films and TV shows including: Lost, Alias, Felicity, Fringe and Star Trek. In January 2013 it was announced that he will di ( Full Answer )
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What year was JJ Cole born in?

J. J. Cole was born on January 28, 1985. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Before his first birthday his family and he moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina.
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What does jj mean on jewelry?

When you see the letter JJ on jewelry, they are there to show themaker of the jewelry. JJ on jewelry means that it was made byJonette Jewelry.