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Where can a 13-year-old in New York get a job?

I am fairly certain that if you contact the public housing authority that they will supply you with a summer job, i don't think u can get school year job though Answer you (MORE)

Where can a 15-year-old in New Orleans Louisiana get a job?

You can always go to a fast-food place, or check a mall or something. When i was 14 which wasn't so long ago,(almost a year ago) I worked at adventure quest laser tag.It was m (MORE)

Where can a 13-year-old in Brooklyn New York get a job?

try getting together wit ur frends from school and start doing car washes like once a week u can earn sum good money, or babysit, you can walk ppls dogs in the parks, y=thats (MORE)

What jobs can 15 year-olds do in New York?

you could be a prostitute but all that would get ya is in jail and some sexually transmitted disease which you don't want... you can work in some hotels ,or as a bus boy/girl (MORE)

What jobs can you get in Manhattan New York as a 13 year old?

As a 13 year old you won't be able to find a job like adults do. However, there's ways to make money in a city. If your parents or guardians know people in the area, ask them (MORE)

Are their any jobs for 16 year old in New York?

Well there would be fast food joints and shopping centres that you can work at and people will except you. Hope this Helps! Anonymous :) Answer If you just want a job, you (MORE)