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Who is Jon higa?

Jon Higa was Ryan Higa's teacher in high school and played a roll in his video Adjusting The Sails. They share the same last name but are not related.
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Who was Jon Hancoctt?

Jon Hancock was a man who signed the declaration of independence. His name is the largest because when he signed it, he made the famous quote, "there, king george will be able (MORE)
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Who is Jon Bertelli?

He is a modern artist. Some of his works feature cats - at leastthe 2 I know do. (MORE)

Where is Jons mother?

Jon Gosselin's mother lives in north central Pennsylvania - close to the family, but too far away to be involved in their daily lives.

What is a Jon Dory?

John Dory , also known as St Pierre, refers to fish of the genus Zeus , especially Zeus faber , of widespread distribution. It is an edible deep-sea fish with a laterally co (MORE)
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Jon and I or Jon and me?

Either! My trick to figure out which way you should say it is to say it without "Jon". Whichever is the correct way to say it without Jon is also the correct way to say it wit (MORE)