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What is karat or kt gold?

Answer . karat means the percentage of real gold in the piece. Answer . The Karat mark indicates the percentage of pure gold in the piece. 24K is 100% gold, 18K is 75% ( Full Answer )
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What does kt measure?

It stands for karat, and is used to measure the weight of diamonds, or other gems.
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What is kt diamond?

\nkt (or Karat/Carat) is the measurement used used on gems and pearls. A carat in gems and pearls is measuring the mass of the item (a single carat is equal to 200 milligrams ( Full Answer )
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Who is KT Tunstall?

KT Tustall is a great singer. Some of her songs are: Hold On, and Black Horse and A Cherry Tree.
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Dimensions for a 15 KT windsock?

3.2.2 Dimensions. The minimum effective length and the throat end opening diameter of the fabric windsock are as follows:. a. Size 1 ‑ Eight feet (2.5 m) in length ( Full Answer )
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What does kt mean on a gold neckless?

The carat (abbreviation ct or Kt ) is a measure of the purity of gold Therefore 24-carat gold is fine (99.9% Au w/w), 18-carat gold is 75% gold, 12-carat gold is 50% gold, ( Full Answer )
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Is KT Tunstall gay?

No. She just wasn't aware of the symbolism of the rainbow suspenders she wore on her album cover..
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What does 18 kt ge mean?

gold electroplate "An electro-chemical plating process in which gold of at least 10kt is bonded to another metal. Gold electroplate is no less than seven-millionths of an inc ( Full Answer )
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What does 'kt' on an invoice stand for?

Since you're referring to an invoice I assume you're dealing in large, bulk quantities.. I would assume KT = kiloton.
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What is the KT Boundary?

The KT Boundary (also called the Cretaceous-Paleogene, or K-Pg boundary) is a boundary marking the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction (KT extinction) event. It is usually seen as ( Full Answer )
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What is the gold kt weight in a computer?

Gold weight is one thing, karat is the purity of the gold. In old computers there was alot of gold in the contacts as gold is the best conductor of electricity. As computer ( Full Answer )
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What is kt?

A unit of measure. A knot (nautical speed) a kiloton (explosive yield of a bomb)
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What happened to KT Tunstall's parents?

Her mother and father hade her but at the age of 18 days KT was fostered and then was christend to her middle name Victoria
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What does kt mean?

Kt means House full of Mysteries in House Of Anubis and means beautiful charm its a girl name
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What is 14 kt Italy?

it is 14 karat gold, made in Italy, US usually marks it 585. It means that there is 58.5% of pure gold in the metal, which makes it 14 karat.
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What does 12 kt gf mean?

12K gold layer over brass or other metal which is not less than 5% total quantity of heaviness.
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Is kt oslin retired?

Yes, K.T. called it quits after her 2001 CD Live Close By, Visit Often. She lives in Nashville, and spends her time painting, growing herbs and flowers, and designing jewelry. ( Full Answer )
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Is Buffalo Bill related to KT?

so haha. . NO She isn't she is a just a weird person that is weird and she falls up steps.. and she also steals justins pass to teep;]
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What is 9 kt gold?

It is 9ct which is the grading of the Gold. 9 Karat Gold is 9/24ths Gold or 37.5% Gold. Ct or Carat is only used in reference to Gemstones.
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What does 'kts' mean in texting?

In texting, KTS means "kupo typing syndrome." This phrase is usedwhen someone is making frequent typos in their texts.
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What does 25 kT mean?

25 kilo-tonnes That is 25,000 tonnes or 25 million kilograms. Kilo-tonnes tend to be how powerful bombs are - however, 25 kT is about 100 times stronger than a nuclear bom ( Full Answer )
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What is 10 kt gold?

10 karat gold means that it has 10 parts of gold in the total of 24 parts of gold. If you have 10 grams 10K gold, you would have 41.6% of fine gold (99.99%) inside, it would ( Full Answer )
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Is 18 kt gold pure?

No, There is 24kt in a gold altogether. So if theres 18Kt in something, It means that theres 18 out of 24 actual gold in it, and 6 out of 24 is any other material.
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What is 25 kt gold?

Well, 25kt gold can be mix with platinum. Because not yellow goldsoft metal it is not 25karat!
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What is 24 kt gold?

The 24k gold it is too soft, in today market it's out of fashion inthe jewelry world market!
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What is kt in engineering?

keeping terms (KT)students who have KT's in not more than four (odd semester) or six (even semester) subjects can move on to the next semester a student is allowed to go for t ( Full Answer )
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What are kt tunstall's hobbies?

KT Tunstall likes to sing, play guitar (and piano) and to travel. Her favorite animals are bats.
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Were kt tunstall's parents English?

KT Tunstall's adoptive parents are English, but they live in St Andrews, Scotland. Tunstall's birth mother was half-Scottish and half-Chinese. Her birth father was Irish.
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What song is KT Oslin famous for?

KT Oslin, also known as Kay Toinette Oslin, is best known for a country song called 80's Ladies that she wrote and performed by herself. She won three awards for the song.
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Why did kt join house of Anubis?

Because her grandfather sent her to Anubis School on a quest whichis also a reason why she joined sibuna.
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What do the initials KTS represent?

The initials KTS can represent a wide variety of things depending on the topic in question. However through research I only found it to mean "Kirkwood Television Services".
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When was Kt Baldassaro born?

Kt Baldassaro was born on April 23, 1985, in Bayside, Queens, New York City, New York, USA.
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What does 14 kt keepsake mean?

14 kt is short for carat, a grade of Gold. A fairly low grade of purity. Keepsake means it's something with no practical value. A souvenir, something to remind and remember wi ( Full Answer )
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What does 10 kt G.S mean?

10k is 10 karat. The GS means Gold Shell. It is quite a complexsubject, as a search on the internet will reveal, and gettingexpert advice is probably best.