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What is a W?

It is a letter in the Alfabet
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What is W?

The W descends from the Latin V, which was originally used for the u,v and w sounds. Julius was written ivlivs. After the 11th Century writers began differentiating the sounds (MORE)
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1000 W is W a P is W?

1000 wolds a paper is written
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W of the w?

Way of the Warrior War of the Worlds
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Who is W?

w from the film 'w' refers to George W Bush.
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What did the w?

i could ask u the same question
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What does w w w w w signify?

Five 'w' could signify the five common question words: . who . what . when . why . where
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How do you pronounce Krak De Chevaliers?

the a in krak is pronounced as the a in pat . the s in des is silent . chevaliers- shev-a(as in about)-leers
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How was krak de chevalier built?

the krak de chevalier was built as a defensive castle in the Cyrian empire... it is buuilt using stone and mortar and has two wall as a defensive benifit sorry if this inform (MORE)
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How long did it take to build krak des chevaliers?

About a 100 years. They did not work constantly on it, meaning that there were year long breaks between building phases. The first building was erected in 1031, but destroyed (MORE)
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What made Krak Des Chevaliers have such a strong defense?

It was built on a hilltop. This forced the attacker to have to climb the under arrow fire from the defenders before reaching the walls. the rugged ground made it very hard for (MORE)
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W is this is?

im the one asked the question i got my answer please delete