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Who is Kyle Sorensen?

a swimmer from Wisconsin... set Illinois state high school record in the 50 yard freestyle and 100 yard free style
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Who is Kyle XY?

Matt Dallas.
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Where is kyle xy?

not sure what you mean but if you ment the channel ABC Family
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Who is kyle fitzgibbon?

he is a beast mode football player who stomps through whoeva gets in his way. he is a line backer for ballard high schools football team. #49
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Who is kyle Collins?

Kyle Collins is a professional soccer player. He was born inEngland. He plays for the Buxton Football Club out of Buxton,Derbyshire. He is 25 years old.
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Who is Kyle Griffin?

Kyle Griffin....Think 100 mph pie....a game winning touchdown pass....stock shows....think....America
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Who is talking to kyle?

The giraffe is in the bathtub, eating clocks. Hello this is Danny's Pizza Delivery. I wish you to give me millions of cheese type pizzas. If you don't, the world will spontani (MORE)
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Who is kyle jennings?

some kid that sits next to me. he doesn't like robby.
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What is a Kyle Quin?

He is a loser loving freak who is obsessed with dumb junk like beatle bugs and liking boys.
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Is Kyle Christian?

If you are talking about the Kyle in Southpark then no! He isnt! Its states very clearly that he is Jewish!
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Who is Kyle Katarn?

Kyle Katarn is a character in 3 Star Wars First Person Shootergames.
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Who is kyle frederickson?

I guess he is an Oaklahoma State Football beat writer for theOaklohoman, News OK Sports, and News OK.
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Who is Kyle Hanagami?

A dancer i believe who was also on Americas best dance crew. look him up on youtube!
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What is the definision of Kyle?

only god knows he is the apsaloute god of you and the world and your mom and one does not just simplly find kyle you can only see kyle if he finds you
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Who is Kyle O'Reilly?

Kyle O'Reilly is a Canadian professional wrestler. He competes forseveral independent wrestling promotions such as Ring of Honor andPro Wrestling Guerrilla.
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What is kyle in Hungarian?

Seeing that Kyle is a primarily English name, and is from a Scottish surname which was derived from the Gaelic caol , taken to mean "Narrows, Channel, Strait"... I do not b (MORE)
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Who is kyle hlavac?

Kyle is a professionable SKATE BORDER. hes gonna teach ayline how to skate bored. Spencer is his bestfreind. hes currently dating lauryn;
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Who is Kyle Greene?

Kyle Greene (?-453), more frequently referred to as Kyle the Greene , was the ruler of the Greenes from 434 until his death in 453. He was leader of the Hunnic Empire , whi (MORE)
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Who is Kyle Wilson?

Kyle Wilson is a cornerback for NFL's New York Jets (Americanfootball).
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Who was Chris kyle?

Christopher Scott Kyle was a sniper in the U.S Navy SEAL's April 8,1974-February 2,2013
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Who is kyle Chapman?

He is a New Zealand politician - with close ties to the NationalFront.