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What rhymes with lack?

mack tic tack * Back . Black . Crack . Hack . Jack . Mac . Pack . Quack . Sack . Shack . Smack . Snack . Tack . Whack . Yak . Zack
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What does lack mean?

Web definitions:. the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable; "there is a serious lack of insight into the problem"; "water is the critical ... . miss: be ( Full Answer )
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What lacks a nucleus?

Prokaryotic cells are cells that do not have a nucleus. Eukaryoticcells do contain a nucleus. The nucleus of the eukaryotic cell iswhere the genetic material is contained.
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Prokaryotes lack what?

Prokaryotes lack a membrane bound nucleus. This means the nucleusis free to float about the cell. A eukaryote, on the other hand hasa membrane bound nucleus.
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Lack of exercise?

if you dont exercise enough you will become over weight and obiese you will not look nice :L ahah Also the fat from your food will slowly start to block your atreries. Make su ( Full Answer )
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Lack of peristalsis?

A lack of peristalsis is sometimes called a motility disorder. Thismeans that there is no movement in the bowels which is sometimescaused by an obstruction in the intestine.
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What do bryophytes lack?

bryophytes lack vascular tissue, and therefore they lack a true stem or leaves because these contain vascular tissues. Another is they lack the ability to reproduce outside of ( Full Answer )
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What is lack of initiative?

A lack of initiative leads people to be poor, because people justdo not want to work. A lack of initiative might also be responsiblefor higher crime rates in an area. A lack o ( Full Answer )
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What does an invertebrate lack?

Invertebrates do not have a vertebral column (spine), they do not have internal skeletons, they are missing central nervous systems with brains, and most of them don't ha ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of lack?

Lacking means you don't have, or know something, so the opposite would be "Knowing' ?
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What is beriberi lacking in?

\nBeriberi (also called lack of vitamin B1), beriberi is a systemic disease which was due to a lack of vitamin B1 in vivo .\n. \n ( Full Answer )
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What is lack of skills?

im not sure but maybe something along the lines of not being particularly good at anything, not having a talent in anything in particular.
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What do viruses lack?

\nViruses lack independent metabolism. They cannot replicate their DNA or RNA without utilizing a host cells' various organelles. furthermore, they lack cells completely. they ( Full Answer )
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What does lacking mean?

Lacking can mean that something is not available or in shortsupply. It can also refer to someone who is lacking the will to putmore effort into a task. Lacking money could mea ( Full Answer )
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What is a homonym lacks?

lax. If you're lax with your credit card bill, they may raise the interest rate.. lax - to "slack off", not take care of
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What can lack of exercise do to you?

well you become fat and it can kill you with becoming really ill that's all i no im 16 come on :L
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What does a lack of chromosomes do?

well you see is when you have lake of chromezome you are not in the good and give to the poor for money if only you can show it for money so, when to tell you is then give me ( Full Answer )
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What is a lack of food?

It's when you are on a shortage of food, like when Ethiopia went to their shortage of food lack of food: hunger, famine
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What does sugar lack?

Sugar lacks protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and I can't think fo what else. This probably isn't the best answer, so you should probably research the values of sugar on an ( Full Answer )
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What is lack of leadership?

lack of leadership is when someone as far of the government or the president is not doing there job and hurry and get it done without really trying to work at it brushing it o ( Full Answer )
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What lacks DNA?

Anything that is not considered to be a living organism. If it was never living (like a rock), then it has no DNA. All living beings have DNA. Viruses however, are not c ( Full Answer )
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What is lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep is where you do not sleep as long as you normally do. For instance if you went to sleep at 9pm and woke up at 7:30am , then started going to sleep at 3am and wak ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with lacked?

act, cracked, fact, hacked, packed, pact, stacked, tact, tracked, abstract, attacked, attract, compact, contract, distract, exact, extract, impact, intact, react, interact, in ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with lacks?

backs . facts . jacks . kacks . lacks . macks . smacks . sacks . tacks . yaks . Slacks . Relax . Flacks . Tracks . Kojax . (Jumpin) Jacks . Tacks . Anth ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell lack?

The word "lack" meaning "to be without" is spelled as you have spelled it in the question.
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What is lack of concentration?

There are many different things that could happen due to a lack ofconcentration. Lack of concentration can kill people.
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What is Lack of continuity?

In the business world we are running like a horse. In this we face every thing and do so many thing for reach the particular goal in the same we miss something for negligence ( Full Answer )
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What is the correct use lack or a lack?

lack is a verb- He lacks the courage to fight in the ring. a lack is a noun - He suffers from a lack of hair.
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What is goitre a lack of?

Iodine in the diet. Using iodized salt is usually sufficient to correct this if it is just starting.
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What is lack of manpower?

A shortage of manpower or employees in an organization which may lead to many problems in organization operation.
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What does Antarctica lack?

Antarctica lacks: . any native population, . any animal population, . any trees, . any farmland, . any roads. . any civilization. . any commercial airports or seapor ( Full Answer )
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What does the coccyx lack?

Since the spinal cord ends just before the coccyx begins, coccygeal vertebrae also lack a central foramen (hole).
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What is the lack of knowledge?

The phrase "lack of knowledge" means that something does not have enough knowledge. The phrase "lack of" means that something is missing or needed. So something is missing the ( Full Answer )
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Is lack a verb?

Yes. Although lack is usually used as a noun, it can also be a verb. Noun example sentence: - Shaun's lack of attendance is worrying the teacher. Verb example sentence: - Th ( Full Answer )
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What do crocodiles lack?

A crocodile is a pretty powerful hunter. Crocodiles are deadly, but you can see one coming from a mile away. I would say camouflage.