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What is LC in accountancy?

Answer ledger card . rdLC in accountancy means ledger card.
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What is SB LC?

SBLC stands for stand by letter of credit. An SBLC is usuallyissued when a financial bank guarantees a payment to their client.
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What is an LC?

LC means long course meter pool, the Standard Olympic Distance. Answer It means a pool 50 metres long so 100 metre events can take place by doing 2 lengths SC is a 25 (MORE)
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Can you get business credit under LC?

Business Credit is for your business only.Most small business owners make the big mistake to utilize theirpersonal credit to fund their business expenses. You need businesscre (MORE)
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What is a LC?

LC means a circuit contain capacitor(C) and inductor(L). They are connected in series. L is inductance, units is Henry (H) . C is capacitance, units is Faraday (F) (MORE)
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What is a Usanse LC?

LC for 30,60,90,or 120 days is called Usanse LC
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What does VL and LC stand for in Suzuki VL 1500 LC?

The motorcycle's name combines V referring to its V-twin engine configuration, L referring to its long frame what ever number follows (eg 1500) is referring to t (MORE)
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What is LC transfer?

What is a transferable Letter of Credit? A transferable letter of credit is one, which specifically states that it is transferable. This will only occur if the applicant (MORE)
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What is 4 lc?

"Four-Leaf Clover".
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Who is LC Bailey?

He was Leonard CBailey="h2headingh3"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="leonard_c_bailey">.According to the Twentieth Century Union League Directory, of D.C.1901 Edition: He was a (MORE)
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What is lc operation?

LC and BANK GUARANTEE COMPARED. Bank Guarantees and LCs are financial instruments often used in inland or international trade when suppliers or vendors do not have establ (MORE)
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What is the meaning of confirmed lc and non confirmed lc?

An irrevocable Letter of Credit can be either confirmed or unconfirmed. In a confirmed Letter of Credit, the issuing bank (representing the buyer) agrees independently (MORE)
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Stamp with the perfin 'LC and S' on it - what was 'LC and S'?

The answer will depend on what country the stamp is from. If it is a US Stamp, it is probably the Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad. I haven't found a British listi (MORE)
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Who was lc bailey?

L.C. bailey was a black inventor. He invited the folding bed also a Lot more.
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Murhaba lc and cash lc difference?

I guess the question itself is written in a wrong way, i guess that the question means Murabaha not murahba since there is nothing called "murahba LC", but there is "Murabaha (MORE)
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Why doesn't LC circuit exist?

even though a resistance is not connected in a circuit, it would practically have small resistance due to its practically a LC circuit dosent exist..only a RLC c (MORE)
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Difference between Export LC and import lc?

An import LC is one made with reference to the buyer but with an export LC, the LC is changed to that with reference to the Issuing bank. This gives a stronger guarantee of pa (MORE)
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What difference between LC by negotiation and LC by payment?

Without going into too much detail, Negotiation is the act of the Nominated bank in effecting payment to the beneficiary (in advance of its own receipt of funds from the issui (MORE)
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What is the difference between restricted LC and confirmed LC?

A confirmed letter of credit is one where the exporter's bank asks for additional guarantee from another bank of its choice that if the buyer's bank is unable to honour it's o (MORE)
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