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How do you get lice?

You get lice by coming in contact with a person who has lice. Youcan also get lice by using an infected person's combs, brushes,hair ornaments, headphones, clothing, or beddin ( Full Answer )
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What does lice eat?

Head lice eat blood from attaching themselves to someone's head.Each only needs a small amount of blood to survive though.
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Why do you have head lice?

Head lice have evolved with their human hosts since ancient times. No one knows exactly why we have them as they serve no identifiable purpose and are not known to spread dise ( Full Answer )
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Plural of lice?

The word "lice" IS the plural form of the noun "louse". . one louse . many lice
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What kills lice?

I would recommend either a metal nit comb or a "robi comb". Metal nit comb: use 1-2 times daily for 2 weeks (cheaper) Robi Comb: use once daily for 10-14 days (it zaps the l ( Full Answer )
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What did the lice come from?

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Where can you get lice?

Anywhere. From anyone. You only need to come into brief contact with someone who has it. It has nothing to do with being dirty or unhygienic, and is very easily and rapidly sp ( Full Answer )
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How can you get lice?

you can really get it from anywhere like school, work, or even at the grocery store. If you are near someone that has lice.. you have it to
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What do you do if you have lice?

A good thing to do, is to either use tea tree oil, you rub it into your scalp to kill the lice, keep in for 10 or so minutes, or buy some head lice fluid from the local pharma ( Full Answer )
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Why do you get lice?

you get lice because you hang around people that have lice or its because u dont take showers You get lice by being in close proximity to another person who has head lice... ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when you have lice?

Well If Yhu Want To Get Rid Of It It's Very Easy 1. Wash Yhur Hair Many Timee Bout 4 Timee 2. Do Roller On Yhur Hair 3. Blow Dry Yhur Hair With The Blower 4. Or Can Pa ( Full Answer )
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Can you have lice nits and no lice?

No. I did a science project on it and to have nits you need to have lice to have nits. Yes you can, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you should only treat i ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get lice?

you can get it from anyone who has head lice or places like hotels , movie theater's friends house ( sharing bows brushes) pretty much anywhere you put your head where someone ( Full Answer )
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Are feline lice the same lice as head lice?

Head Lice ( pediculus humanus capitis ) are not the same as feline lice. Human head lice need a human to feed on. Head lice feed on a human scalp several times a day.
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What does lice do to your head?

I thinck that it leaves red spots all over your head. :) I and i think it makes your hair fall out so watch out for the head lice:):(
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Can you get lice?

Yes, anyone can get lice. They fall out of hair and can get into pillows and stuff.
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How do you know that you have lice?

white spots will be in your hair i suggest ashing your hair every day if you have it
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Is lice dangerous?

It can be very dangerous to some people with a fragile scalp. For others it will make their head itch and itch.
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Where do dogs get their lice?

Well, if they haven't had a shower, play in your backyard, played in the forest, then they get there lice from there.If the lice are smart, then they go under the collar where ( Full Answer )
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Can you get lice in your nose?

Since lice like to attach their eggs to hairs and your nose has hair in it, yes - you CAN get lice in your nose. Can you say GROSS?!? From a practical standpoint, it is unlike ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you think you have lice?

You could go ahead, just as a precaution, go to a pharmacy or somewhere and buy head lice shampoo, and follow the directions and if you do have lice, then the shampoo will kil ( Full Answer )
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How does lice get into your body?

Lice don't live in your body, they live on your body. Lice transmission is from shared items with someone who is infected (hairbrush, comb, scrunchies etc)
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How do you take out lice?

I have had lice before pretty bad. To get rid of it my mom and I used lice shampoo in the shower and after my shower, we used a comb to get some bugs out that way. It still mi ( Full Answer )
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How do lice reproduce?

they lays eggs that are called nits. they look a lot like dandruff but dont be mistaken these little dots stick to the hair
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What is a sewer lice?

Sewer lice is A prank of what teachers made they put rasins in montoun dew and the carbonation of the soft drink makes the raisins move around and towards the end of class the ( Full Answer )
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What can you do about hair lice?

When I had lice it was a nightmare. (Always remember to not share hairbrushes and ect.) But to get rid of it we bought perscription lice head medicine and a nix comb ( any clo ( Full Answer )
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Can you get lice from shoes?

No, lice do not live in shoes! They travel from person to person. Lice can not live within 2 hours of having a host, so if lice ever lived in your shoes then they are dead. yo ( Full Answer )
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What is water lice?

water lice is a form of head lice but lives in water and is adapted to that habitat.
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How do you get head-lice?

You can get head lice in lots of ways like...when you are sleeping in someones tent it might have head lice, if your sleeping round someones house you can get head lice, when ( Full Answer )
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How can lice occur?

well if someone has lice and gets close to you it can jump to your head, but, don't worry nix lice treatment works great!
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What to do when you get lice?

go to your doctor...and you will probably get a special shampoo or something to kill the head lice, and a special comb..
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Can lice be drowned?

Sadly, no. They hold their breath in water, so if your just taking a shower to get them out, that's not going to work. You have to get lice shampoo.
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Who invented lice and why?

God. Maybe He invented it to teach us how to take care of our head properly :D
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Do you say Lice is or lice are?

"Lice are" - as the word 'lice' refers that there is more than one the word louse is used to refer to one lice