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What is an LLC?

Answer . LLC stands for "limited liability company." The LLC is a relatively type of new business entity in the United States. Its owners have limited liability for the ent (MORE)
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What is a LLC?

LLC is a Limited Lialibility Corporation where in the lialibility is limited upto the amount of its paid up capital only. Forming an LLC is an excellent way for business o (MORE)
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What is llc?

LLC stands for limited liability company. It's a type of business structure that, true to name, limits the amount of financial liability the owner faces. Most people who choos (MORE)
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Does llc have a period after it?

LLC stands for limited liability company. There is no hard and fastrule when it comes to placing a period after the letters LLC. Youcan put a period after each letter, after t (MORE)
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What is NatPro LLc?

NatPro specializes in the manufacture and sale of natural remediesand supplements to help improve peoples lives. DisaPain is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory topical cream (MORE)
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WHO is fcalm llc?

Ford Credit Auto Leasing (not sure what the M stands for) LLC is Limited Liability Company.
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What does 'LLC' in 'LLC Corporation' stand for?

LLC stands for limited liability company. That means that the company does not have full liability if the company has financial issues such as a lawsuit.
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Can a LLC invest in its parent LLC?

Yes, a LLC, that is, a LLC that is member of a LLC, could theoretically make a distribution to its parent LLC. Although, where member(s) of the LLC that is a member of the "pa (MORE)
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Can an llc member have their home in the llc?

Yes. Actually, not only are you allowed to have your home be your LLC address, but you can write off a portion of the rent/mortgage in the area that you use for all LLC busine (MORE)