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Can an LLC be a Nonprofit?

Some statesdo allow non-profit LLcs It is my understanding that some states allow non-profit LLCs. I'm an attorney in Missouri, and a friend at the local Secretary of State o ( Full Answer )
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What is an LLC?

Answer . LLC stands for "limited liability company." The LLC is a relatively type of new business entity in the United States. Its owners have limited liability for the ent ( Full Answer )
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What is a LLC company?

An LLC is a limited liability coporation which is, in essence, a partnership. The liability of each partner is limited to the amount they have invested in the company. If a pa ( Full Answer )
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What is a LLC?

LLC is a Limited Lialibility Corporation where in the lialibility is limited upto the amount of its paid up capital only. Forming an LLC is an excellent way for business o ( Full Answer )
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How do you form an LLC?

You must submit an articles of incorporation, either online or mailed, to the secretary of state's office in the State where you reside.
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What is llc?

LLC stands for limited liability company. It's a type of business structure that, true to name, limits the amount of financial liability the owner faces. Most people who choos ( Full Answer )
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What is an LLC company?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a relatively new business entity in the United States. The first modern LLC statute was adopted in Wyoming in 1977 and by 1997 every state ( Full Answer )
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How is an LLC established?

Forming and operating an LLC or a corporation is a bit more complicated and than forming a partnership, but well worth the trouble for some small businesses. The main benefit ( Full Answer )
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Does a LLC have shareholders?

No LLC's do not have shareholders like corporations. LLC's havemembers which are similar to shareholders in a corporation.
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How do you start an LLC?

This depends on the policies of your State. In Oregon, for example, the entire process can be done on line with a credit card. It costs about $50.00 and takes less than an hou ( Full Answer )
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What is a LLC agreement?

This question is vague but most likely you are referring to a LLC Operating Agreement which states how much each owner's (often referred to as "Members") interest is in an LLC ( Full Answer )
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What is SelectSys LLC?

SelectSys is a Cisco Consulting compnay based in Austin Texas and specializes in Small and Mid-sized business (SMB). SelectSys offers network consulting services including ( Full Answer )
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How can you file for LLC?

I used an excellent NY based company to set up my business LLC called USACORP they gave me excellent service and their price was also very competitive, they have a toll free n ( Full Answer )
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How does an llc get investors?

Similarly to any other corporation, you can seek private investors to partner with or issue stock.
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Who is Dispersetech LLC?

Dispersetech manufactures a wide selection of quality high speed dispersion blades. These mixing blades find uses in many chemical processing industries including: paint, coat ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a free llc?

Check they have all kinds of legal documents and they are all free and if you answer a few questions, it even professionally prepares the document for you. ( Full Answer )
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What is LLC business?

A business that is LLC is called a limited liability company. Thismeans that the company is not taxed as a separate business. Theprofits and losses are reported through person ( Full Answer )
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Is there a comma after LLC?

No, there usually is not a comma after LLC. However, it will dependon the business and how the company was registered.
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Does llc have a period after it?

LLC stands for limited liability company. There is no hard and fastrule when it comes to placing a period after the letters LLC. Youcan put a period after each letter, after t ( Full Answer )
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What is NatPro LLc?

NatPro specializes in the manufacture and sale of natural remediesand supplements to help improve peoples lives. DisaPain is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory topical cream ( Full Answer )
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WHO is fcalm llc?

Ford Credit Auto Leasing (not sure what the M stands for) LLC is Limited Liability Company.
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What is an example of a LLC?

Franky I agree that a company blog could draw some criitcism, but it could also help fend off a lot as well. Blogging by someone important in the company can give it a more pe ( Full Answer )
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What is an llc corporation?

LLC or limited liability Company is a business entity that offers limited liability protection to its owners. It is a business structure allowed by state statute.
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What does 'LLC' in 'LLC Corporation' stand for?

LLC stands for limited liability company. That means that the company does not have full liability if the company has financial issues such as a lawsuit.
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What does the LLC Corporation do?

"An LLC Corporation is often used by small business owners to protect them from monetary liability. When you set up an LLC Corp. your personal property, i.e., house, car and o ( Full Answer )
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Can a LLC invest in its parent LLC?

Yes, a LLC, that is, a LLC that is member of a LLC, could theoretically make a distribution to its parent LLC. Although, where member(s) of the LLC that is a member of the "pa ( Full Answer )
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Can an llc member have their home in the llc?

Yes. Actually, not only are you allowed to have your home be your LLC address, but you can write off a portion of the rent/mortgage in the area that you use for all LLC busine ( Full Answer )
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What does the LLC stand for in Indiana LLC?

The LLC in Indiana LLC stands for "Limited Liability Company". LLC companies blend corporate structure with partnership qualities.
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What is a register llc?

A registered LLC means "Limited Liability Company." Companies will always have this behind their name even if its a dba name. This means that they have limited liability and s ( Full Answer )
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What does LLC do for customers?

The advantages for customers who are connected to LLC find they have a choice of tax regimes by being offered the choice of being taxed as a sole proprietor, as a partnership, ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by LLC?

LLC: Limited Liability Company It is a type of company in which the owners bear only a limited liability.
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How do you write LLC?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company - LLC after a company namereplaces the letters PLC (which stood for Public Limited Company).