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What does LLP stand for in a legal profession?

Answer . Limited Liability Partnership. It is similar to a form of incorporation and creates a legal entity that has specific tax and documentation requirements.
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Are there any law suits against Pressler and Pressler LLP located 16 Wing Drive Cedar Knolls NJ 07927?

You may like Thanks for the site. I will certainly make use of it. In addition I have either written or registered at: Gov. John Corzine, FTC, fightpressler.o ( Full Answer )
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What is an LLP?

This stands for Limited Liability Partnership which is literally a partnership with limited liability, such as lawyers, accountants etc. e.g. Bill & Fred LLP Its where you ( Full Answer )
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Can you be a sole proprietor in one business and form a llp in another business?

Yes you can have as many of both as you want, just make sure the liability of one business will not wipe out all the rest in case of a potential litigation down the road. Als ( Full Answer )
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Is an LLP a corporation?

An LLP is a professional corporation, able to act as a person in law, to sue and be sued as a corporation provided it has fulfilled the registration requirements binding on al ( Full Answer )
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What does LLP mean at the end of the name of a law firm?

I believe that LLP would be Limited Liability Practice. Same as PC at the end of a Law firm means Professional Corporation. or LLC-Limited Liability Corporation.... This simpl ( Full Answer )
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Who are the owners of AlixPartners LLP?

AlixPartners, LLP is owned in part by the Hellman & Friedman Portfolio Company and in part by the board of directors and other employees.
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What is a LLP degree?

There is no such degree that I am aware of. However LLP might signify a Limited Liability Partnership, a form of legal business partnership.
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What is the difference between a Hard time Component and an LLP in terms of Aviation?

A soft time interval is one that is chosen by an operator to be done at a specific interval but may be adjusted to fit their operational schedule. This interval may or may n ( Full Answer )
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What is an LLP insurance policy?

It is type of insurance policy designed mostly for landlords. It covers risks peculiar to rental properties, such as malicious damage or theft by tenants or those who may be s ( Full Answer )
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What does LLP stand for after attorney's name?

It means that it is the name of a company, not the lawyer. It stands for Limited Liability Partnership and is a type of business for personal services.
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What services are provided by Herrick Feinstein LLP?

Herrick, Feinstein LLP offers services related to art and cultural property rights. Herrick, Feinstein LLP has been in the law practice since 1928. The offices of the firm are ( Full Answer )
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Where is the headquarters of Cooley LLP?

Cooley LLP was founded by Arthur Cooley and Louis Crowley in 1920 in San Francisco. Their headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California and are a national law firm.
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What is Morisons LLP best known for?

Morisons Solicitors LLP is a company located in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their services include professional and efficient help as well as fair prices and good advice.
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What is the main business of Lowenstein Sandler LLP?

The main business of Lowenstein Sandler LLP company, is to help and assist one for litigations processes and mainly to help people for their business legal matters.
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What kind of services are provided by Venable LLP?

Venable LLP provide virtually every service imaginable. These include wireless services, rural telephone companies, internet-related issues and many more.
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Where is Business Advisory Services LLP located?

Business Advisory Services LLP are located in Yorkshire. Their focus is to support small local businesses around Yorkshire and provide them with experience and skill.
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Can I later convert my Partnership firm into a Company or LLP?

Yes, there are procedures for converting a Partnership businessinto a Company or a LLP at a later date. However, the procedures toconvert a Partnership firm into a Company or ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between LLP and traditional partnership firm?

Under traditional partnership firm, every partner is liable,jointly with all the other partners and also severally for all actsof the firm done while he is a partner. Under LL ( Full Answer )
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Is LLP Agreement would be mandatory for all LLPs?

As per provisions of the LLP Act, in the absence of agreement as toany matter, the mutual rights and liabilities shall be as providedfor under Schedule I to the Act. Therefore ( Full Answer )
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How is Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) registration done in India?

A Limited Liability Partnership is a corporate business vehiclethat enables entrepreneurial initiative to operate in flexible andefficient manner by providing the benefits of ( Full Answer )
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Can a Salaried person become a Partner in LLP?

Yes, a salaried person becomes a Partner, there are no legalbondages in this but you may have to go through with youremployment agreement if it contains any restrictions on do ( Full Answer )
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How long is the LLP valid for?

Once a LLP is incorporated, it will be active and in-existenceas long as the annual compliances are met with regularly. In case,annual compliances are not complied with, the L ( Full Answer )