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How do you get LQ up in wajas?

Buy Normal pears from the pear shop or user shops and then feed them to the waja you want to up the LQ for.
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What is the meaning of LQ?

here are some possibilities: Limited Quantity Limited hazardous goods Laser Quest Last quarter, a phase of the Moon Palmyra Atoll: FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code Linu ( Full Answer )
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How do you change default settings of Epson lq 1150?

please feed 6 to7 continuous papers in the printer then turn off the printer now press pitch/ font button on the control panel and make printer on then it will show printers c ( Full Answer )
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Where can an Epson LQ 590 be bought?

An Epson LQ 590 can be bought at Epson. Epson products can be bought online or in stores. Also, along with printers, Epson also sells projectors as well.
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How do you repair epson Lq -310 printer that is not pulling paper?

I have an Epson Artison that was doing the same thing. I removedthe paper tray and looked underneath. There should be somerubberized rollers that come in contact with the pape ( Full Answer )