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Where did Laban live?

While he was young and still in his father Bethuel's house, they lived in the town of Nahor (Genesis ch.24). When he grew and had his own household, Lavan (Laban) lived in Har (MORE)

Who was Rudolph laban?

Rudolf von Laban was a legendary British dance artist. He livedfrom 1897 to 1958, and was associated with the expressionist dancemovement.
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What is roz bi laban?

Roz bi laban (Rice pudding) * 1 cup sugar * 2 ½ cups milk * ½ cup rice Dissolve sugar in milk, add rice and cook over a low flame until the rice is tender. Th (MORE)
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Can you drink laban at night?

If you mean by 'laban' the Arabic word ' milk', then yes of course you can drink it at night. If you mean alcohol drink name, then no you are not recommended to drink it at an (MORE)

What reason does laban give for this trickery?

The Story of Laban and Jacobs agreement is in the book of Genesis 29.Laban Says he tricked Jacob because it was not the custom to marry off the youngest daughter before the el (MORE)

Where did uncle laban live in the bible?

Laban resided at the city of Haran in Paddan-aram, an area of Mesopotamia. (Genesis 24:10) 10 So the servant took ten camels from the camels of his master and proceeded to (MORE)