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What is the meaning of N P N?

An NPN device is a bipolar transistor formed by two opposing PN junctions in close proximity. Another answer NPN indicates that the transistor has Negative Positive N (MORE)
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What is N?

\nA newton (a measure of force). N is a flash game available for download or online play. visit this website to play In the dow (MORE)
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What is N H4 C N?

NH 4 CN is Ammonium Cyanide. It is used for organic synthesis. It is not sold or shipped, since it is very unstable.
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Who is n-does?

There is no mention of anyone going by the name N-does, and there is no information on this being a location or product either.
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In-N-Out is a popular food chain in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. It is extremely busy all the time where I live. It is one of the healthiest fast food places of all (MORE)
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If 6 n 15 what is n?

n would equal 2.5 because if 6n = 15 then you would divide 6 from both sides leaving n= 15/6 and then n=2.5 (^-^)
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What does n n mean?

n.n is a smiley As in the n's are the eyes and the . is the nose
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What is the n word?

The "n" word ("ni**er") is an archaic slang word, from the same source as "Negro" (black). It was first used for African-American individuals during pre-Civil War slavery. Bet (MORE)
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What channel is the-n on?

it depends it can be found on channel where i live you need to go to and go to shows and it will say find the- n on your t.v.
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What does N represent in N-acetyl?

The "N" on N-acetyl show what direction it will turn once in the body. "N" means it will turn to the left.
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Is N plus N polar?

Any compound that has like elements bonded is not polar because the EN difference between them is 0. Thus, N 2, C 2 , I 2 , or any other compound is non-polar.
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Who is N N Murthy?

He is a Professor and world-known Environmentalist. He is Quality, Environment, Human Resources Expert. He is highly qualified with 29 degrees from 21 Universities, Limca Reco (MORE)
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What is mohammade n?

In the Hebrew Bible the name Muhammad (pbuh) is seen as Mahamadim. When the "im" is removed making plural respect in Hebrew, the name becomes Muhammad. Hebrew Text: Song (MORE)
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What is 'n' level?

'N' Level is General Certificate of Education Normal Academic Level. It is an exam where Secondary 4 Singaporean students who are in the Normal Academic N(A) stream take to pr (MORE)
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What is the chemical formula for N-N?

N-N doesn't necessarily exist. N≡N may be what you are looking for.This is diatomic nitrogen; 78% of our atmosphere.
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What is n level?

The " General Certificate of Education 'Normal' Level Examination ", otherwise known as the " GCE 'N' Level " or the " 'N' Levels ", are examinations conducted annually in Si (MORE)
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What is n subject?

n is the number of subjects, things, whatever, in your sample. It'syour sample size. If you have a sample of 11 people you chose froma population, n=11. Or maybe if typo Pace. (MORE)
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What does n equal?

N is a variable, therefore it can equal any number depending on the equation it's in. Ex: 3n+1=10 (3n=9), n=3 5n-8=32 (5n=40), n=8
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Who is trainer n?

N is the leader of Team Plasma , a villianous group in Isshu wanting to stop trainers enslaving Pokemon , and will not stop to get Reshiram[ Black] or Zekrom [ White ] .
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What does N stand for you N-level?

It stands for Normal level , for the Normal Academic students , and O level stands for Ordinary level for the Express students .
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What is correct charg of N on a N-N bond?

Since there's no difference in electronegativity between the two atoms (applies to any homonuclear diatomic), the bond is perfectly covalent and neither atom is charged.
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Is n irrational?

For mathematicians n usually represents an integer; integers are rational. However for people who are not mathematicians n can be anything. The only safe answer to this quest (MORE)
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What type of bond is N-N?

Covalent. In compounds this may be a single or double bond. In theelemental form N 2 there is a triple bond.
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What is Vitamin n?

People use the term, "Vitamin N", jokingly to refer to nicotine.For example: Person A asks Person B, "why are you shaking so much?"Person B responds, "I can't afford any more (MORE)
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Why you can you do n-12 but not 12-n?

The subtraction is not commutative, it means that n - 12 is not the same as 12 - n, except when n is 12. For example, suppose that we have a statement such as n - 12 = 12 - n. (MORE)
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N - what does the letter n mean?

N... Doesn't really have a meaning it is just a letter... and i don't really think any other letters have meanings.
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Is N scary?

Depends because if you are talking about the letter it is not scary but the one in Pokemon black and white is terrifying
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Who is N from Pokemon?

N is the mysterious trainer who ha many ideas and strong senses of compassion. To him, Pokemon are friends. He believes that Pokemon should be freed from humans in order to ac (MORE)
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Where is Out 'n' About located?

Research has shown that the Out 'n' About is a Treehouse Resort or "Treesort". This is located in Cave Junction, Oregon and it a unique spot for one to stay. The Tripadvisor (MORE)
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Where we use was n were?

You can use was in the sentence "There was a car in the driveway"and were in the sentence "There were cars in the driveway". Both ofthem mean something similar but were refers (MORE)
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What has the author N N N written?

N. N. N. has written: 'Na fronte 1941 goda i v plenu' -- subject(s): German Prisoners and prisons, Personal narratives, Russian, Prisoners and prisons, German, Russian Perso (MORE)
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What has the author N N written?

N. N. has written: 'An account of Dr. Quincy's Examination of Dr. Woodward's State of physick and diseases' 'A threefold alphabet of rules, concerning Christian-practice' (MORE)
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What are the n states?

New South Wales is a state inAustralia. North Rhine-Westphalia is a state in Germany. Nagalandis a state in India. Nayarit and Nuevo Leon are states in Mexico.Niger and Nasara (MORE)